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Great Dates / Take in classic Buffalo

Pairing the Zoo with Oliver's restaurant

Luna the polar bear in the Arctic's Edge at the Buffalo Zoo

Zoo photos courtesy of Buffalo zoo


Best for:

Fans of fins, fur, and feathers


Couple enjoys cocktails at Oliver's restaurant


They're very different types of places, but the Buffalo Zoo and Oliver’s restaurant have this in common: they’re both in North Buffalo and they both appear as top destinations in any regional must-do list. A winter date offers a great way to combine them.


Two of the best attractions at the Zoo are also ideal for cold weather. Arctic Edge, which opened in 2015, offers a walk-through experience of animals suited to frozen climates, and features one of the Zoo’s most beloved residents, Luna the polar bear. Visitors can count on Luna to jump up against the window of her pool to offer a thrilling up-close encounter. Warm up at another recently completed Zoo environment, Rainforest Falls, which features a two-story waterfall and a wide variety of species native to habitats such as the Amazon basin. The temp stays at seventy-eight degrees year-round.


The Zoo’s new Rainforest provides an exotic prelude for an upscale nosh at Oliver’s elegant bar


Upon leaving the Zoo, a parallel experience of warm/cold can be found by driving up Delaware Avenue to Oliver’s. A casual meal there could feature ice cold oysters and sparkling wine, enjoyed either in a cozy booth or at the elegant bar.


This combination, showcasing as it does an Olmsted park, a cultural treasure, a beloved restaurant, and one of the region’s best chefs, is as impressive as it gets—and still plenty of fun.


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