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Style / Party with a purpose

Easy, fun looks for weddings and other big occasions


Thank you to Nardin Academy for use of their Athletic Center located at 97 Rosalia Street in Buffalo. The facility opened in 2016, and features seven international squash courts and an indoor turf field. The private school with a co-ed Montessori, Lower and Middle School and all-girls High School is also constructing two outdoor fields at the complex and a new gymnasium and wellness center at its main campus. Learn more at nardin.org.


Style editor: Erin Habes @erinhabes

Photographer: Luke Copping @lukecopping

Director and stylist: Jack Wrafter @iackwrafter

Production assistant: Brandon Watson @brndnwtsn

Wardrobe Assistant: Emma Storfer @emersonlincolpalmer and Cole Eberle @cole_eberle

Makeup: Jess Mastinien @xgurlfacex

Hair: Emily Bowman @buffalobraidbabes

Models: Julia Francabandiero @juliafrancabandiero, Cheyanne Freely @chychy97

Location: The Admiral Room at The Marin, admiralroom.com, @the_admiral_room_


Model, Julia Francabandiero @juliafrancabandiero; Pinko belted mini dress and mirror finish mini love bag, Tony Walker @tonywalkerco; shoes, model’s own



Model, Cheyanne Freely @chychy97; Amanda Uprichard dress, Pegs hardware earrings, Half & Half Clothing @halfandhalf_1088; shoes, model’s own



Model, Julia Francabandiero @juliafrancabandiero; Rebecca Taylor jumpsuit, Tory Burch handbag, Sam Edelman heels, Tony Walker @tonywalkerco



Model, Cheyanne Freely @chychy97; Lucian Matis dress, Annarlette @annarlette; earrings, Half & Half Clothing @halfandhalf_1088; shoes, model’s own



Model, Julia Francabandiero @juliafrancabandiero; Heartloom Rue dress, Lovetoken Tiara coat, earrings, Half & Half Clothing @halfandhalf_1088; shoes, model’s own



Model, Julia Francabandiero @juliafrancabandiero; Bailey/44 Claudine trouser and Elize cami, Pegs Hardware necklace, earrings, and bracelet, Half & Half Clothing @halfandhalf_1088; shoes, model’s own'



Model, Cheyanne Freely @chychy97; Tadashi Shosi dress, The Jacqueline Shoppe @jacquelineshoppe; earrings and bracelet, Half & Half Clothing @halfandhalf_1088; shoes and rings, model’s own



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