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Fitness 2.0, the new DGFC

The first clue that the fitness joint near the  confluence of Roll and Harris Hill roads in Clarence Center is fresher than a summer breeze is the first word in its name: Discover. Discover Golf & Fitness Center celebrates the beginning of its fifth year of operation this month and offers more fitness options in what seems like less space than most other health centers. Owner Bob Gosch explains that DGFC “will never compete on price but will always strive to provide our clients with one of the single best experiences that they have in their weekly schedule. We will not compromise by attempting to sign up hundreds of members for a low price. Fitness centers of the future, like ours, will become more and more like the old country club model where like individuals got together to share common goals, values, [and] interests. Members will come from diverse backgrounds; however, they will seek more relationships and social support from real people face-to-face rather than on a computer screen, Facebook-to-Facebook.”

Enter through the main doors and you’re instantly aware of a new vibe. No clanging of weight stacks, no grunting, fewer mirrors. “Our atmosphere and ambience is very unique,” Gosch continues. “We do not want our clients to feel like they are in a sterile black-and-white environment accented with anxiety-producing colors, loud music, and abrasive attitudes. We are constantly surveying our clients and adjusting our approach to every area of our organization.”

And the original notion that DGFC is a golf studio? Has that been pushed aside for a new direction? Hardly. “In addition to being a fitness facility, we of course have all of the necessary resources for golfers of all abilities to improve their swings and playing skills and ultimately enjoy the game of golf,” Gosch says. “Head golf professionals from all area country clubs are welcome to bring their members and students to our facility and use our indoor golf simulators, video swing-analysis systems, and indoor putting green.”

So has fitness in WNY seen an evolution? Not quite, Gosch says: “I think the delivery of fitness has actually remained stagnant and unimaginative. Fitness facilities, health clubs, and gyms continue to spring up in Western New York, and they are are basically white vanilla boxes with some new ‘state of the art’ pieces of equipment or some inexpensive membership offer which ultimately compromises quality and results. Our industry is turning fitness centers into a commodity with price being the only variable.” But at Discover, Gosch says, “We [have a] passion [for] many different areas of fitness—functional training for any sport and any age group, Pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, running, cycling, and golf.”  




Ronald Montesano writes about golf on his website, buffalogolfer.com.

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