The Golden Girls of the Golden Globes

Erin Habes


Best dressed and worst dressed—stars call upon some of the best stylists in the world to guide them to a perfect red carpet look. The circle of trust is created between the stylist and the star, and the reuslt begs the famous question, “Who are you wearing?"  Some celebrities hit the nail on the head, while others fail horribly. As much as they try, we love the style game, both the bests and worsts.


Last night’s snooze fest left me wanting more from hosts Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler, as well as humorous mishaps like Jacqueline Bisset's crazy acceptance speech, and Jennifer Lawrence’s photo bomb moment. As expected, The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards has provided fodder for Monday morning conversation, including those red carpet fashion moments. You can never go wrong with a little Golden Girls reference, so I hope you enjoy my Golden Globe/Golden Girls Best and Worst Dressed recap.


Blanche – Exposed

Worst Dressed: Amy Adams- Valentino

Best Dressed: Kate Mara- J.Mendel

Best Dressed: Margot Robbie- Gucci


Dorothy – Regal elegance

Best Dressed: Lupita Nyong’o- Ralph Laren

Best Dressed: Olivia Wilde- Gucci Premiere

Best Dressed: Amy Poehler- Stella McCartney


Rose – Clueless

Worst Dressed: Lena Dunham- Zac Posen

Worst Dressed: Drew Barrymore- Monique Lhuillier

Worst Dressed: Jennifer Lawrence- Dior


Sophia – Grandma Glam

Best Dressed: Zooey Deschanel- Oscar de la Renta

Best Dressed: Emma Watson- Dior

Best Dressed: Julianna Margulies- Andrew GN




Erin Habes is Buffalo Spree's fashion editor and the founder and producer of Mass Appeal and Runway.

All celebrity photos courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images (eonline)

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