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More Heritage Businesses in WNY

A selection of vintage area businesses


Adema Heating and A/C

Established: 1873

Location: 378 Englewood Ave., Buffalo

About: Adema works closely with homeowners and commercial businesses on their heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) needs. After 140 years, the company is still owned by the Adema family.


Al Cohen’s Bakery

Established: 1888

Location: 1132 Broadway St., Buffalo

About: Founded in 1888, the bakery was originally known for its traditional pumpernickel rye bread. Over time, Cohen’s has expanded into pastries, rolls, and become an established distributor of wholesale and retail products.


Brown’s Berry Patch

Established: 1804

Location: 1287 Oak Orchard River Rd., Waterport

About: After a decision to eliminate retail in 2015, Brown’s Berry Patch is returning to its grassroots and is refocusing operations on the growing of fruit.


Buffalo Wire Works

Established: 1869

Location: 1165 Clinton St., Buffalo, NY 14206

About: Originally known as Scheeler & Sons, Buffalo Wire Works is an industry-leading screening media manufacturer. The company has expanded operations into Colorado and Nevada.


Clayton’s Toy’s

Established: 1916

Location: 5225 Main St., Williamsville

(formerly on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo)

About: This beloved store started as a doll hospital and is known for its stock of old-school and innovative toys.


Gurney Becker & Bourne

Established: 1864

Location: 560 Delaware Ave., Buffalo

About: Located in the heart of the historic Allentown district, GBB’s slogan has long been “We sell the city!” The company also provides commercial and residential insurance options, and supports youth sports programs across WNY.


Hard Manufacturing

Established: 1876

Location: 230 Grider St., Buffalo

About: For more than 140 years, HARD Manufacturing has been designing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of pediatric beds and cribs for hospitals, healthcare facilities, and home care use. In 2018, the company was able to donate $50,000 worth of materials to a Jamaican pediatric unit as part of an upgrading initiative.


Hodgson Russ

Established: 1817

Location: 140 Pearl St., Buffalo

About: The attorneys and staff at Hodgson Russ practice over 200 types of law. Located in the historic Guaranty Building, the firm also supports more than 250 charitable and community organizations within Western New York and across the country.


Jamestown Post-Journal

Established: 1796

Location: 15 West 2nd St., Jamestown

About: Billed as “southwestern New York’s leading newspaper,” with a circulation of over 20,000, the Jamestown Post-Journal was founded by Adolphus B. Fletcher and was originally published weekly as the Jamestown Journal. In 1826, it became a daily paper, which later combined with The Jamestown Post in 1941.


Magavern Magavern Grimm

Established: 1826

Location: 1100 Rand Building, 14 Lafayette Sq., Buffalo

About: The Magavern Magavern Grimm practice encompasses many types of law, including administrative, business, intellectual property, and real estate. It offers legal services to businesses, government, individuals, and nonprofit organizations.


Mayer Brothers

Established: 1852

Location: 1540 Seneca Creek Rd., West Seneca

About: Five generations of family have run this business, which makes and sells cider, juice, water, and more. The small shop is open seasonally.


Prentice Office Environments

Established: 1834

Location: 472 Franklin St., Buffalo

About: Prentice has long been known for office space decor and design.


Register Graphics

Established: 1865

Location: 220 Main St., Randolph

About: Register Graphics specializes in business cards, banners, brochures, and more for individuals and businesses.



Established: 1837

Location: 789 Center Rd., West Seneca

About: Famous for roast beef on kummelweck, Schwabl’s restaurant moved to the corner of Center and Union in 1942.


Swannie House

Established: 1886

Location: 170 Ohio St., Buffalo

About: Opened as “Swanerski House,” a tavern owned by the Swanerski family, the name “Swannie House” was adopted after tensions between Irish and East European patrons became apparent. The second oldest tavern still operating in Buffalo, Swannie House is located at the corner of Ohio Street and Michigan Street, in its original, remodeled structure.


Walsh Duffield

Established: 1860

Location: 801 Main St., Buffalo

About: This fifth-generation-family-owned insurance company has helped families and businesses for over 150 years, specializing in auto, home, liability, and more.


W. D. Henry & Sons, Inc.

Established: 1888

Location: 7189 Gowanda State Rd., Eden

About: The business is now operating under the Henry family’s fourth and fifth generations. Offering a variety of marketplace produce, potted plants, and annual or perennial flowers, W. D. Henry & Sons has received numerous awards. The Henry family also played a large part in forming the original Bailey-Clinton Market, and Eden Valley Co-op.


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