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A foodie magnet

Watson's photos by kc kratt


Mileage: 141 mi. (one way)

Drive Time: 2 hrs., 58 min.


Watson’s Chocolates
27 Washington St., Ellicottville


EVL Cheese Company
5 Washington St., Ellicottville


Udderly TopNotch Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm
995 Bucktooth Run Rd., Little Valley


Burdick Blueberries
8267 Thompson Rd., Cattaraugus


The Gin Mill
20 Washington St., Ellicottville


15 Washington St., Ellicottville


Ellicottville Brewing Company
28 Monroe St., Ellicottville



Don’t Miss:

Cheese curds at the EVL Cheese Company. The garlic pepper and taco flavors are amazingly good. Plus, they make nifty squeaking noises when you chew them.
Milkshakes at Watson’s are made with Perry’s ice cream, and Watson’s must add a little magic behind that old-fashioned counter, because they can’t be duplicated at home.
Baby goats at Udderly TopNotch. The cuteness of newborn baby goats simply cannot be overstated.
Scenery. The drive through Cattaraugus County includes valleys, streams, and farms.


Ellicottville may be home to (arguably) the best skiing in the entire Northeast, but it’s also a top location for fine food and drink. What makes Ellicottville such an attractive destination for foodies is that there’s much more to the village than just restaurants. In addition to great places to eat like The Gin Mill, Dina’s, and the Ellicottville Brewing Company, there are top-notch food experiences to be had in town and just outside.


 Watson’s Chocolates


First, don’t leave Ellicottville without stopping at Watson’s Chocolates. In fact, you might just want to skip dessert at the aforementioned restaurants and plan on waiting until you get to Watson’s to satisfy your sweet tooth. Despite the name, the shop has more than just chocolate, including an impressive collection of candies, fudge, and delicious ice cream—which also makes for extra satisfying milkshakes. The entire shop has a lovely old-timey feel about it, reflective of the entire town’s vibe.


Another shop on your must-stop list is the EVL Cheese Company. The store carries well over 200 varieties of cheese, plus other goodies, like summer sausage, pepperoni, nuts, preserves, crackers, and small loaves of bread. It's the perfect shop if you need to pack a small hamper for a jaunt a little further into the countryside.


EVL Cheese Company


About twenty minutes south from the heart of Ellicottville, in Little Valley, is the Udderly TopNotch Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm, run by Paula John and her husband Kevin. There you can learn about how to care for the goats, how to milk them, and the products—including cheese, butter, ice cream, and fudge—made from goat’s milk. While Paula doesn’t sell these products, she does stock goat milk lotions and soaps. If you time your visit just right (early-to-mid-spring) you just might get to see—and pet—some adorable and rambunctious little kids.


Udderly TopNotch Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm


On the way back to Buffalo, stop at Burdick Blueberries, where, depending on the season, visitors can pick blueberries, indigo tomatoes, gourds, pumpkins, and flowers. The farm also occasionally stocks honey and fresh vegetables.


Burdick Blueberries


Those willing to wander farther afield in Cattaraugus County will find many other gastronomic locations, especially along the New York Amish Trail.


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