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Best of WNY 2011: Eat This II

Best Breakfast Sandwich
“The Mike” from Spot Coffee
“The Mike” has been on Spot’s menu since the beginning. In fact, the recipe has never changed. Customers start by choosing their bread. We suggest an “everything bagel,” something sturdy enough to handle the heft of this beauty. It comes with a generous smear of cream cheese, two pan-fried eggs, and melty provolone. For a few quarters more, you can add bacon, ham, or sausage, and we, of course, will always opt for bacon. This isn’t the most heart-healthy way to kickstart the workday, but keep in mind what we’re deciding here. “The Mike” is Buffalo’s best breakfast sandwich. We’d never claim it’s best for you. www.spotcoffee.com


Best Place to Nurse a Hangover
Amy’s Place
UB students know that Amy’s provides a great excuse to stay up until sunrise; its 6–9 a.m. breakfast special serves up a hearty dish of eggs, toast, and some of the best home fries in town (whole chunks of crispy-edged potato, flavored with fresh peppers and onions)—a combo sure to absorb all the sins of the previous night and get you back on your feet. If your stomach is up to it, the Veggie Wet Shoes is a hippie’s dream hangover food: spicy lentil and onion chili atop curly fries. Amy’s is grungy, it’s gritty, and it’s great. 3234 Main St., 832-6666


Best Breakfast Bargain
WNY does not suffer from a dearth of options when it comes to diner breakfast specials, but Mythos always offers high-quality morning foods (good home fries, well-prepared eggs, and your choice of toast—what more do you need?) at a price that’s worth waking up for. 510 Elmwood Ave., 886-9175


Best Healthy Snack
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Roll from Five Points Bakery
The fact that Five Points’ cinnamon rolls are made with 100% whole wheat, or that they provide 25 percent of your recommended daily fiber, or that they contain 8 grams of protein is almost beside the point. For sheer flavor, these rolls could go toe-to-toe with any glazed treat around town. If there’s anyone out there who still hasn’t been turned on to the delights of Five Points’ whole-wheat mastery, consider these gooey, delicious rolls an enticing point of entry. 426 Rhode Island St., 884-8888


Best Iced Coffee
Five Points Bakery
This little West Side bakery has made a big splash in recent years with its ethos and efforts, not to mention some pretty darn good bread. But its iced coffee was a big winner with our readers and our panel. Granted there’s no drive-thru and you’ll have to add your own cream or sugar (or honey, or agave), but it’s so good, you won’t mind. Owners Kevin and Melissa Gardner exclusively serve Ithaca-based Gimmee Coffee, which is roasted in small batches by the company’s team of experts. When warmer weather comes, it is offered up in chilled form, with—get this—coffee ice cubes. 426 Rhode Island St., 884-8888



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