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Hot 5: The Hip are here!

Courtesy of Buffalo Place

Is there a more popular band in Buffalo than the Tragically Hip? I think not, and while the Hip has never been one of my personal favorites, it’s hard not to be impressed by Gord Downie and company’s on-stage powers. (I saw them once, and even as non-Hip-ster, walked away extremely impressed.) The Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor series at the Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf should draw record crowds this summer, as June saw appearances from Elvis Costello and August brings Alice Cooper and Great Big Sea. It’s another sign that no one in WNY books better concerts than Funtime Presents—a.k.a. Donny Kutzbach and Artie Kwitchoff—which is back in the Buffalo Place fold. This should lead to a real resurgence in interest for both the Harbor and Thursday at the Square shows, and since these can be enjoyed for ten bucks and free, respectively, that’s good news for all of us.

6–11 p.m. on Friday, July 30, at the Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf; 856-3150 or www.buffaloplace.com.

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