June 2011

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2011 City Guide: Zoophyte

Powderpuff, Plumnose, and Dahlia are just a few of the zoophytes on view at the Aquarium of Niagara.

2011 City Guide: Youngstown

Youngstown, NY is an excellent getaway for beleaguered urban dwellers

Wedding trends in brief: colorful and personalized

2011 City Guide: X Factor

What’s your WNY x factor?

2011 City Guide: Wyoming County

"What puts Wyoming County solidly in the W column, though, is the warmth you find in the people you meet."

2011 City Guide: Volunteering

"With so many worthy volunteer-driven organizations in Buffalo, it’s not easy to stand out."

2011 City Guide: Underground Railroad

WNY's Underground Railroad legacy

2011 City Guide: Traffic Circles

WNY has its own fair share of traffic circles. Now all we need are cars who know how to navigate them.

An orchestra turns out the lights

After 50 years, the SSO ceases to exist

2011 City Guide: Street Food

Buffalo's street food scene gathers speed

What We Want: Lemon Curd

"Some may initially find the idea of anything dubbed 'curd' unappealing, but further examination reveals that anyone who has enjoyed a lemon bar, bolstered by a buttery crust and spattered with powdered sugar, or a slice of delectable lemon pie, topped with a spongy and marshmallow-like cloud of meringue, has had a lemon curd experience without even realizing it."

2011 City Guide: Riverkeeper

"[Riverkeeper's] ... community-based program will work with landowners in an effort to reinstate a widespread and ecologically beneficial shoreline."

2011 City Guide: Roswell

"Wouldn’t Dr. Roswell Park be stunned today to see the fruits of his vision?"

The return of the Macker

"With sentiments proffered like 'Big time feel on a small time scale' and 'The most fun I’ve ever had not winning a tournament,' Mackerites—or Gussers—come in all shapes and sizes."

Q&A/Darwin, Michael Hawley, and God: BFF

"Armed with an extensive knowledge of biblical scripture, Hawley claims that religious belief and science are compatible, at least where it comes to the book of Genesis."

2011 City Guide: Quoz

Q is for quoz

2011 City Guide: Pork

"Served in the finest restaurants across the country today, heritage-breed pork is the pork of our ancestors and hopefully, it is the pork of our great-grandchildren."

The art of Pipilotti Rist

"Rist relies on a canon of reoccurring iconic imagery that includes bountiful vegetation, water, references to blood vessels, and, most notably, human body parts."

2011 City Guide: Opera

WNY opera buffs find refuge in NCO and movie theatre screenings from the Metropolitan Opera live program.

Sounds of the City: Elvis Costello

A rock and roll mainstay plays the harbor.

2011 City Guide: Niagara County

Leave Niagara Falls for another time

Small bites for a summer soiree

A full menu for a simple summertime party

In the Field: George Kappelt of Flavor Farm

Farmer George Kappelt is known for his great peppers, tomatoes, and microgreens.

Life in the WNY cloud

Change up your routine by visiting some of these lesser known WNY websites, tweets, apps, and Facebook pages.

2011 City Guide: Medina

Medina boasts an intact nineteenth century commercial district and a beautiful cemetery.

In the Cellar: Roo Buckley

Roo Buckley, food service pro and former chef at the beloved Coda, shares some of his favorite wines with us.

2011 City Guide: Lit

"The Café allows the audience to enjoy the work of two or three writers who have carefully thought out the sequence, tempo, and tone of the work they will present. In other words, you get to savor each writer for twenty minutes each."

Budget Crunch: Lucky Dog

"It’s not Chicago, it’s not an established name like Ted’s, and it’s not even quite at the scale of Rochester’s Dogtown."

2011 City Guide: Kids

Encore! Encore!

"Playboy of the Western World" and "The Merchant of Venice" open in June.

Preservation-ready: 169 East Ferry

"'It’s one of the last remaining mixed-use buildings that’s extremely ornate architecturally along the East Ferry corridor from Main Street to the 33,' says David Torke, an East Side activist and blogger who has kept the building on his watch list for years."

Take One: The Eights

A twist on comfort

2011 City Guide: Journey's End

'The exhibit says it all—refugees and immigrants are Buffalo. This is what makes our city, what brings life to our city and what makes the people who live here and are dedicated to life here love the city so much,” Short says. “We are refugees, we are immigrants and we are coming together to make a community.'

2011 City Guide: Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

" ... nature preserves provide an essential educational function—and probably just as much entertainment—as the traditional park."

How to grow when the soil says no

"You can’t ignore bad soil and hope for the best."

Hot 5: Lewiston Tour of Kitchens

June 11 & 12

2011 City Guide: Healing at Buffalo Alternative Therapy

A new, community-minded option for acupuncture

2011 City Guide: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender WNY

2011 City Guide: GrowWNY.org

This new site offers insight into local environmental issues, suggestions for local birding and hiking locations, and the opportunity to measure your carbon footprint.

Sounds of the City: NXNE & BlackCreek

2011 City Guide: Forest Lawn Cemetary

"But Forest Lawn is not just about dead people ... Tourists and residents also flock to the picturesque grounds in search of history ..."

Kayaking the Confluence

Jason Schwinger: Buffalo’s urban outfitter

2011 City Guide: Ethnic Markets

Buffalo's growing list of ethnic markets makes our City Guide.

2011 City Guide: Donuts

"Buffalonians like to consider themselves experts about a number of a life’s little oddities. So why not donuts?"

Sounds of the City: June in Buffalo

2011 City Guide: Cruise Night

"For those with serious motor oil in their veins, there are cruise nights every night of the week [in WNY]."

June 2011 Fundraisers & Charity Events

Fun ways to make a difference in your community

2011 City Guide: Bike Trails

" ... WNY, in spite of its snowy rep, is actually a great place to bike."

2011 City Guide: Buffalo Basics

June 2011 Spree Insider

Hot 5: Crafstmen, Pacino, "atmosphere", and more

2011 City Guide: Audacious Artifact

" ... there is something just a bit racy about a big statue of a totally hot naked guy staring insolently down as you speed by on the Scajaquada. "
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