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2011 City Guide: Zoophyte

As much as we like to talk about lions, tigers, and bears, often the smallest animals in a zoo, aquarium, or other institution where wild creatures can be seen are the most fascinating.

This is certainly true in the case of zoophytes. You’ll find plenty of them at the venerable Aquarium of Niagara. Wiggly, squishy, and often beautifully colored, zoophytes are sea animals that resemble plants—the most common examples being anemones, corals, and sponges. The Aquarium has a lovely collection of these flowers of the sea, and they have names to match, like Powderpuff, Plumnose, Dahlia, and Bulb Tip. After you’ve seen the sea otters, sharks, seals, and penguins, be sure to check out the aquarium’s sea garden during your next visit.

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