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Photos by Luke Copping


“I always carry a pair of scissors around with me to cut things out of magazines.”

—Sally Phillips 


Reflecting on the past fifty years of Spree Style made me think back to all the hours I spent as a nineties-era teen flipping through the pages of Glamour, Vogue, and Elle. I would scissor page after page and literally paper my bedroom walls with glossy images of each season’s latest styles. Hours were spent editing, editing, editing until the walls took on a multi-layered dimensional life of their own.


Looking back, it was a thoroughly tactile way of diving into the world of fashion and style. When it came time to remove the pages and re-paint, mom wasn’t too pleased about the hours needed to sand off Scotch-tape residue. But it wasn’t long until my obsession with all things fashion grew into what is now my calling and career. I will always get a thrill picking up a magazine, paging through it, clipping and pinning inspiring images to my ever-changing inspiration boards. It never gets old.    


My crew and I are honored to bring fashion to the pages of Spree each year. We try to reach for new creative heights with each Spree spread. From throwing bursts of colorful pigmented powders at models with the intent of inspiring readers to infuse their lives with rainbow hues to dressing handsome dudes with dapper duds on the city streets of Buffalo, we truly love what we do.


For this special issue, we celebrate Spree’s fiftieth anniversary with a touch of elegance. We offer readers stylish simplicity paired with Dessert Deli Bakery’s geometrically exquisite metallic confections. We hope readers enjoy our celebration and that it may even inspire them to snip and clip an image or two for their own inspiration boards!


Model: Stacey Lynn Caronn
Custom pleated white dress: Jeffrey Todd @jefft_todd
Earrings: Anna Grace
Ring: stylist’s own
Cake: Dessert Deli Bakery


Model: Stacey Lynn Caronn
Luisa Cerano striped sweater: Annarlette
Cake: Dessert Deli Bakery 


Model: Benzo
‚ÄčAnia Scheirholt top: Annareltte
Accessories: stylist’s own
Cake: Dessert Deli Bakery 


Model: Benzo
‚ÄčStrenesse white button up: Luisa Cerano
Navy shorts: Summit by White Mountain 
Gold platform shoes: Annarlette
Earrings: stylist’s own


Model: Stacey Lynn Caronn
Avenue Montaigne white pants: Annarlette
Free People metallic pink mule: Shoefly
Cake: Dessert Deli Bakery 



Fashion editor: Erin Habes
Photographer: Luke Copping
Style assistants: Zoe Peppas and Sofia Warren
Hair: Kristin Draudt, Fawn & Fox Salon
Makeup: Monique Rachel


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