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Adding intelligence to the bedroom

ReST Smart Bed

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Master bedrooms typically evoke a homeowner’s sense of luxury and comfort. Now, computer technologies allow ever greater customization when it comes to the mattresses, nightstands, blinds, and more that make up the experience in the room where you spend about a third of each day.


Crestron Shading Solutions offers homeowners motorized blind options in 400 fabrics across four styles of shading: roller blinds, Roman shades, horizontal sheers, and drapery systems. The shades use brushless motors to provide silent operation and longer motor service than their brush counterparts, and Crestron’s Intelligent Power Supply powers up to ten shades; isolated control networks for each pair of shades limits risk of wiring faults. For perfect design, Crestron’s Color Match service provides easy matching to a Pantone color code or physical color sample. (crestron.com)


MySmartBlinds Automation Kit


For a more affordable option, MySmartBlinds Automation Kit converts existing horizontal blinds into motorized blinds that are remote-controlled through an Android or iOS device. The kit comes with a motor box, battery pack, rod adapters for all tilt rod shapes, and cable clips to manage cords. An Energy Savings mode lets users set preferred temperatures; when that mode is enabled, the blinds rise or lower to regulate indoor temperatures with outdoor light, which reduces heating costs. A deluxe version of the automated blind kit has a solar panel charger for the motor, which further cuts energy costs. (mysmartblinds.com; $119)


A bedroom might have every high-end accoutrement available, but if you’re not waking up rested, your mattress might need improvement. Sensor technologies incorporated into the ReST Smart Bed use air pumps to quietly customize the level of mattress support associated with five body regions: head, shoulder, lumbar, hips, and legs. Users can alter mattress support with the ReST connected app or view sleep data with the ReSTdash app feature. Sleep data is collected via a patented fabric that monitors both shape and pressure profile as a person sleeps. (restperformance.com; $2,799 and up)


ReST Smart Bed


Well-fluffed down bedding looks pretty, but it can be too heavy in summer months and cause night sweats. The Thermoball filling of Tomorrow Sleep’s Tomorrow Comforter mimics the fluffiness of down while exhibiting a much higher degree of breathability. Insulation technology keeps heat in during cold spells, but allows air flow for increased comfort as temperatures rise. The Tomorrow Comforter’s fabric has a 300-thread count and includes a fully-cotton percale cover that resists pilling. (tomorrowsleep.com; $140)


Upgrading your pillows can also add grandeur to your sleeping accommodations. The Zeeq Smart Pillow is outfitted with sensor technology to track and analyze sleep cycles, snoring, and other activities affecting restfulness; analysis is available for viewing through the Zeeq connected app. Those who live with chronic snorers may appreciate a vibration feature that gently encourages the snorer to change positions when snoring is detected. Wireless speakers within the pillow allow users to stream music, podcasts, or other audio content as they fall asleep. The smart pillow is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and the IFTTT smart device integration app, which enables a wider degree of digital services in collaboration with other smart home devices. (rem-fit.com; $199.99)


Zeeq Smart Pillow


The central feature of any master bedroom has to be the bed, and, while the HiCan Smart Bed’s design is certainly eye-grabbing, it’s the tech features that really wow. Built-in entertainment options include an HD projector with a seventy-inch home theater screen, a sound system with invisible exciter speakers, and a configurable touch board in the bed’s headboard. Automatic features include adjustable head and footrest sections as well as automated privacy blinds. The HiCan SmartBed’s digital features are compatible with a wide range of platforms including Apple TV, Android, iOS, Xbox, and PlayStation, and the bed itself is Wi-Fi enabled. A connected app allows users to view a range of sleep data, including a sleep time log and movement activity tracking, that can be used to improve sleep quality. Customers can choose from a series of metallic exterior finishes, including bronze or gold, as well as internal finishes including leather and textile options. Although HiCan hasn’t begun shipments of Smart Bed units yet, a refundable reservation of € 1,000 ($1,244 USD) will put interested customers on a shipment waitlist. (hi-can.com)


HiCan Smart Bed


Trips to the master bathroom in the middle of the night are safer on a well-lit path. Sunco Lighting’s Vacancy & Occupancy Sensor Wall Switch can detect motion from a heat-emitting source in a 180-degree field of view to automatically turn on a connected light that will turn itself off once it no longer detects motion. The Sunco sensor system is compatible with a wide range of lights, including LED, incandescent, fluorescent, and compact fluorescents. The passive infrared technology used by the Sunco sensor uses much less energy than active ultrasound sensors in other motion-activated lighting systems. (suncolighting.com, $69.99 for four pack)


Forgetting to charge a phone or device overnight can lead to anxiety in the morning. While the thought of IKEA furniture in a master bedroom might seem less than elegant, a deluxe version of IKEA’s SELJE Nightstand has a simple design that provides wireless charging solutions for Qi-enabled devices, including Apple, Samsung, and LG smartphones. The RÄLLEN wireless charger offers up to five watts of maximum induction charging power and it includes a USB port for wired device charging as well. The SELJE’s design also accommodates a power strip that is stored in the nightstand drawer, and connected to an electrical outlet behind the nightstand. (ikea.com; $42.98)


Walk-in closets are customarily part of a lavish bedroom, and Lazy Lee’s deluxe storage units are designed to maximize corner spaces in closets, providing sixteen linear feet of double hanging space, four linear feet of long hanging space, six drawers, and easy access for up to eighty pairs of shoes. Lazy Lee uses a patent-pending ROTAS bearing system in the company’s rotatable storage units that offer load-bearing capacities of more than 8,000 pounds. Storage units from Lazy Lee can be installed without stabilizing pins, and work without the need for a central pivot point. (lazylee.com) 


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