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Start-ups / 3am Innnovations

Keeping track of firefighters


Name: 3am Innnovations

When they started: 2017

What they do: Design and market a wearable device that makes firefighters trackable and easier to find inside buildings


CEO Patrick O’Connor began the research that would lead to founding 3am Innovations after the 2009 deaths of two Buffalo firefighters who could not be located inside a burning building. A volunteer firefighter himself, he felt there must be a better way to attempt to save lives in this scenario. “We’ve traveled around the country and seen problem everywhere else as well,” says COO Ryan Litt, noting they have done research with fifty-six fire departments in eighteen states.


At this juncture, 3am Innovations, which is named for the hour at which O’Connor would finally fall asleep after researching this problem day after day, has funding, a working prototype, and patents. Locally, the Snyder fire department has signed up to buy the product when it hits the market, as have five departments outside the WNY area—adding up to about 1,000 firefighters who will be covered. They hope to have the product on the market in early 2020.


Above all, Litt says, 3am Innovations is a local company. “We’re from Buffalo, we’re staying in Buffalo, and we’re here to make Buffalo proud.”


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