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Start-ups / Femi Secrets

A 43North winner is making life easier for women

CEO Davielle Jackson with the company’s signature product.

Photos courtesy of Femi Secrets


Davielle Jackson is the founder and president of Femi Secrets, a maker of quality sanitary products “that provide the ultimate protection and make women feel safe, confident, and comfortable at all times.”


Because the company is all about embracing the beauty and natural qualities of women, the name is short for “feminine.” Femi is also a common name in Nigeria, meaning “love me.”


Jackson is a 43North Startup Competition winner, an award-winning entrepreneur, and the author of Ready, Set, Go, which she says is “a book for young women that gives women step-by-step goals. It gives information on how to start a business.”


Additionally, she is the founder of “I am #1,” a not-for-profit dedicated to the success of young women.


The Louisiana native was a medical student in hospital rotation when she says a long-time friend approached her about a “female problem.” Jackson’s friend had polycystic ovary syndrome, which was causing prolonged and heavy menstrual flow.


Jackson responded by developing a prototype for what is now Femi Secrets’ signature product, Pretty Panty, a natural disposable panty, including a pad, which provides a comfortable fit and no leaks.



She said, “I decided to give women a better choice offering full coverage, all-natural, and chemical-free feminine hygiene care products. I want to lead the charge and teach women to ask questions about things that are going on with their bodies.”


According to Jackson, the panties come in a variety of styles, including brief, bikini and boy cut. The sizes range from small to 4X. She says they are “built to cover eight hours,” but it “depends on the flow.”


While the product is currently being manufactured in China, Jackson plans to manufacture in Buffalo by 2019 and is in the process of looking for warehouse space. Her plans include employing 120 people in the next three to five years, up from the current staff of eight. Global expansion is another goal of this self-described “extremely hard worker.”


Femi Secrets is a brand Jackson believes “will carry us into the future.” She says, “We have patents pending on nursing products and delivery products.” She is looking at including beauty products, like hair and makeup, and workout clothing.


Go to femisecrets.com to place an order and to learn more about the available products. This includes the Femi Box, which comes with the Pretty Panty, extra pads, liners, wipes and a few goodies.


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