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Beauty of another time

Thomas Kegler offers new landscapes and a book



June 25–August 8

Thomas Kegler: Poetic Presence

Meibohm Fine Arts at 478 Main Street, East Aurora

652-0940, meihbohmfinearts.com



This summer, Meibohm Fine Arts trains a spotlight on one of Western New York’s most talented and evocative landscape painters. Thomas Kegler channels the misty atmosphere and muted tones of the Hudson River School in his traditional depictions of forests, fields, rivers, and other nature spots throughout the region. Like the Hudson group, he’s also painted in the Catskills.


Kegler explained his approach to nature in a 2014 artist statement, as follows:  “When I am studying a maple tree in the field … , I want my work to pay homage to that specific tree—not to all maples in general. I need to explore what made the tree grow into its unique shapes—the light, its surroundings, the weather, the soil, its environment.”


Niagara Thunder, Isaiah 41-17


The artist is also an acclaimed painter of Niagara Falls, and recently produced an eight-foot long panoramic painting of the Falls that was shown in 2017 at the Castellani Art Museum. Another recent accomplishment is his first book, The Spirit and the Brush: Painting Devotionals, which reproduces 120 paintings as well as related drawings. It’s organized by season and each image pairs with three biblical passages, appropriate for the time of year being referenced.


This exhibition marks the debut of both the book and new works by the artist. How to see the show? There won’t be the usual wine and cheese opening; rather, gallery owner Grace Meibohm anticipates private showings by appointment and perhaps limited visitation as the entire region begins to open up: “I will be hanging the gallery as I would for any exhibit and, as I work on a reopening plan, I feel we will be offering private showings by appointment and limit the number of visitors in the gallery space at one time.” 


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