March 2011

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What we don’t talk about when we talk about WNY sports

What is it that keeps us away from a steady stream of exciting, affordable games being played against some of the finest teams in the nation?

Manners still matter

Etiquette guru John Bourdage coaches WNY professionals in social skills, networking, and customer service.

Cooking under the influence

Beer-themed recipes with Chef Joe George

The Golden Age: George Weber

Weber reminisces about his malthouse days

What We Want: Merguez Sausage

During their colonial rule of North Africa, the French adopted a version of merguez now considered part of France’s national cuisine.

Education 101: The myth of good teacher/bad teacher

"I’m not suggesting there are no exceptionally good or bad teachers ... just as highly exceptional teachers are very rare, so are seriously bad ones."

Q&A: John M. Laping

Planning for the future by honoring the past

Designing the undead with Zilly Rosen

An interview with cake artist Zilly Rosen.

Home Brewer Profile: Thom Fleckenstein

A Renaissance man and his beer

Home Brewer Profile: Jim Gorman

Master brewer, homebrew competition judge, sour ale champ

Home Brewer Profile: Justin Bennett

Marking a life with good brews

On the Line: Chef James D. Roberts

Country club chefs are often doomed to a life of preparing prime rib and other buffet standards, but that can’t be said of New Orleans-native Chef James Roberts.

A day behind the mash tun

Ellicottville Brewing Company offers an inside look at the science and wizardry behind craft beer

Beer Essentials

All the resources a WNY beer drinker could ever need

Flying home

A local brewery fights awareness problems with a brand-new brand

Take One: Blue Monk

Blue Monk packs a punch that matches its hype. A recent trip removed any doubt regarding the pub’s ability to exceed sky-high expectations.

Cool Stuff: Rare, beautiful—and ours

Items from the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library's rare book collection are brought out for public exhibition on a rotating basis, depending on condition and conservation requirements.

Hot 5: An examination of feminine strength

The Analytical Psychology Society of Western New York screens "Dangerous Beauty"

Sounds of the City: Dmitry Shostakovich

The BPO performs Shostakovich, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky on March 19.

Sounds of the City: That 1 Guy

Catch the musical innovation of That 1 Guy.

Hearing color, seeing sound: Synesthesia in art

Nancy Weekly talks about a conference she attended that included neurologists, artists, synesthetes, art historians, and curators. "At the end of my presentation, members of the audience were convinced that Burchfield was synesthetic."

Beauty and the brew

The latest beauty buzzword? Beer.

KegWorks: Cooler than cool

Today, KegWorks, whose offices and warehouses are located on Military Road in Kenmore, is one of the most successful web-based beer equipment distribution companies in the world.

You can design your own landscape—but should you?

Sometimes hiring an expert is the best method.

The Beerfather: Gene Vukelic

"How did Try-It manage to become one of three major beer distributors in Buffalo when, back in 1960 when Gene Vukelic joined his father in the business, there were thirty-three?"

Romeo and Juliet at Shea’s

"...the names involved in Romeo are an indication of how acclaimed the Neglia-BPO connection is."

Budget Crunch: Bingo's Dim Sum

Dim yum!

Home Brewer Profile: Todd Snyder & Kyle Costello

Brews on first

Fitness: Zooma, zooma, Zumba

Hot fitness trend

C’mon, get hoppy

Growing your own hops

Fashion minus folly

Wearability is the ultimate key, isn’t it?

We'll Drink to That: Warm winter cocktails

Warm spirits add heat to cool weather

Home Brewer Profile: Alex Sowyrda

The alfresco brewmaster

Dashing Duos: Four chefs share their favorite beer pairings

Buffalo chefs offer up favorite food pairings for Imperial Stout, Brown Ale,Porter and India Pale Ale

Sounds of the City: The Levon Helm Band

The Band's former drummer is back.

Hot 5: Lady Gaga at HSBC Arena

The Gaga show rolls into Buffalo

Hot 5: Tavern Night at Old Fort Niagara

This sold out event is a popular annual fundraiser

The Graystone—Can this building be saved?

A waiting game at the Graystone.

Sounds of the City: Jonathan Richman

It’s been a while since he’s hit Buffalo, so expect an eager crowd.

Theater: Springing awake

Darwin McPherson's picks for the beginning of Buffalo's spring theater season.

Phoenix Rising: A Hoppy History

As Buffalo rose to prominence in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, so too did its brewing industry.

March 2011 Fundraisers & Charity Events

Since they can’t count on the county …

17 beers to impress your beer-snob friends (without breaking the bank)

We asked a few of the region’s more discerning beer palates to reveal their best-bang-for-the-buck beers.

Hot 5: Gerald Mead at Castellani Art Museum

The Castellani Art Museum at Niagara University features a favorite this month: frequent contributor Gerald Mead.

Sounds of the City: Loretta Lynn

The coal miner's daughter plays the Riviera tomorrow.

The Brewed: Two centuries of beer in Buffalo

A timeline of Buffalo's great brewing history

From the Editor

Spree writers and editors are always finding that before we can talk about the present and future, it is almost always necessary to explore the past

March Spree Insider

A month of plants, hitting the slopes, and chef battles
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