Budget Crunch: Bingo's Dim Sum

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Bingo’s Dim Sum House is a recent, welcome addition to the Buffalo dining scene. While many Western New Yorkers are willing to travel internationally, I’m happy to report that we no longer have to leave the U.S. to get good dim sum (okay, okay, I know that going to Fort Erie hardly qualifies as a significant journey for most of us). Bingo’s is located in Amherst on Sheridan Drive (between Niagara Falls Boulevard and Bailey Avenue) and offers fresh, classic dim sum options in a cheery, welcoming environment.

On a recent Sunday morning visit the place was already seeing a steady stream of business—proof that many of us have been waiting for an establishment just like this one. A friendly and helpful server promptly seated our party of three, and we were given a menu that was surprisingly varied for a new restaurant. Our dishes included duck dumplings, sticky rice, and snow pea leaf dumplings, all of which were exceptional. The sticky rice did take a bit longer to arrive than our other items, but the owner explained that Bingo’s is committed to making dim sum to order, rather than reheating items or using warming carts.

Prices range from $2.75 to $3.25 per dish. Dim sum aficionados will be pleased to learn that chicken feet, roasted pork steamed buns, shui mai, and shrimp balls are all on the menu as well. Whether you are a dim sum novice or an old pro, you will want to run, not walk, to Bingo’s.


Bingo's Dim Sum House

3202 Sheridan Dr., Amherst








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Rachel Fix Dominguez is a proud Buffalo native who loves eating well on a budget and is excited by our region's expanding culinary options.
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