Romeo and Juliet at Shea’s

Here is a truly unique take on Shakespeare: the Neglia Ballet Artists and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra present Romeo and Juliet, set to the music of Prokofiev, on March 11 at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. Choreographed by and featuring Neglia artistic director Sergio Neglia, it’s a visually thrilling interpretation of the world’s most enduring love story. It’s yet another fine collaboration between Neglia Ballet and the BPO; they’ve been performing together since 2005—The Nutcracker at Shea’s is an annual favorite—and the names involved in Romeo are an indication of how acclaimed the Neglia-BPO connection is. In addition to Sergio Neglia as Romeo, Argentinean dancer Silvina Vaccarelli plays Juliet, the Irish Classical Theatre Company’s Vincent O’Neill plays Lord Capulet, and Heidi Halt as Lady Capulet.

8 p.m. on Friday, March 11, at Shea’s Performing Arts Center, 646 Main St., Buffalo; for tickets, call 852-5000 or visit, and for info, visit,, and


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