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Gallery View: Struck by Light

Carey's "Dings & Shadows"

Ellen Carey makes impressively scaled abstract photographs either by using a rare (one of five worldwide) Polaroid 20x24 camera, or by first creating photograms, precamera processes that expose objects on photographic paper to light.

Unlike nineteenth century photograms, Carey’s are large and colorful, thanks to the strategic use of digital manipulation. The artist is dedicated to using abstract forms and color, but she is equally intent on obtaining them through photographic process. Some of Carey’s works recall the kind of sweeping, expressive images that we normally associate with gestural abstract painters. Others refer to the minimalist practice of combining geometric areas of bright color.
These works are not paintings, however, and as photographs they speak of the actual process of how the moment in time is captured. Through manipulating process, the artist is able to hint at meaning and, occasionally, emotion.

Struck by Light is on view at Nina Freudenheim Gallery February 25 through March 30, with a closing reception on March 30, from 6 to 8 p.m.

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