March 2018

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Get it done / Get moving

Renovation on 10th Street

Apartment for a young professional

Helping WNY get it done since 1943

Coffered and linear

Get it done / Utilize a goal-setting book

Get it done / Bring new life to old wood

Get it done / Furniture fixes

Get it done / Planning to plan

Get it done / Streamlining the spices

Get it done / Decorating that comes to you

Get it done / Expert advice on DIY clothing repair

Get it done / Expert advice on organizing your home

Get it done / Expert advice on saving energy

Get it done / Fixing a hole

Get it done / Curtains up!

Get it done / Let there be light

Get it done / Fixing the leather couch

Get it done / A tale of two lamps

Get it done / The porch at Big Pink

On the line with Nick Schabert

Style / Cozying up to hygge, lagom, and cosagach

Hot trends

The Review / A deep dive into The Dapper Goose

Unite by Night

Going Green / Get the painting done the green way

Gershwin and all that jazz

Garden Beat

Design trends worthy of consideration

CEPA expands its auction, keeps an all-star roster

March onstage

Always on call: Steve Stepniak

Sounds of the City

West Side townhouse redo is bright and roomy

Home Issue / Get it done

Coming Attractions

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