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Get it done / Decorating that comes to you

Making any project easy and fun


We all have rooms we’d like to freshen up, but faced with the time it will take and the fact that decorating is never really “urgent,” it’s an easy thing to put off. Which is why Decorating Den, a nationwide franchise, commits to making any project, no matter how big or how small, easy and fun.


Like most interior decorators, DD shows you samples of things like window treatments, bedding, floor and wall coverings, accessories, lighting, upholstered furniture, and casegoods. The difference is that DD franchisees bring it to you; you never have to visit even one store.


No matter your style, DD offers a wide range of choices, plus expertise to help you get your project done with minimal effort, maximum convenience and, hopefully, the happiest of results. Patricia Hughes, a local Decorating Den interior decorator, spoke about the process with Home.


How does this work?

Patricia Hughes: We essentially “bring the store” to the client. I set up an initial appointment and go to the client’s home, office, or whatever space they want to work on. I try to get to know them, find out their style, listen and learn, or figure out what they want to accomplish. Some people know what they are looking for, and some don’t. I can offer guidance as to what they need to do to get the result they want. It’s rewarding to pull it together for people—it’s not about me, it’s about them. It’s their home, their style, their budget.


What if someone has a limited budget?

Once I learn their budget, I make it work. If someone wants to spend less, there are different price ranges in everything. Even just rearranging furniture and changing the wall color can make a big difference. I call window treatments “the frosting on the cake”; they can really change a room. Seasonal pillows or other accessories can easily be changed out to freshen up a room or home.


How long does it all take?

It might be six to eight weeks to order the furniture or window treatments.

What’s the first thing that physically gets done?


Paint is probably the first thing that gets done, but, it’s actually the last thing you should choose. Many want to just pick a paint color, but I recommend starting with your fabric or even a piece of artwork, picking out the other pieces and the color scheme, and then selecting the paint color. If you start with the paint, it can be more challenging finding the right colors in the other elements.


What do people like about Decorating Den?

They appreciate the personal service on their timeline, custom designs, and the products that we offer, which are usually not from local stores.


Decorating Den, Clarence

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