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Pick of the Month / Maya By Name

TONIGHT! Friday, March 8 at Imagine Event Center

Photo by Darron L. Whitsett


UPDATE: Her show last week was canceled, but Buffalo-bred recording artist, Maya by Name, hosts her live concert event, "She Is Me" at Imagine Event Center tonight. Backed by some of Buffalo’s most talented musicians and singers, this is an experience you do not want to miss!


The twenty-two-year-old Buffalo native has written and released three EPs, Arrival ( 2015 )  Next Verse ( 2016 ), and, most recently, her new album She. An empowering lyrical diary of sorts, She navigates Maya's self-discovery journey, as she masterfully balances insecurity with unabashed confidence. With a beautiful writing, a captivating stage presence, and a voice all her own, Maya by Name is one to watch in 2019.


Tickets for the canceled March 2 show are valid this evening. Imagine Event Center, 71 Military Road, Buffalo; 388-8744. Get more info HERE.



Those who want a good glimpse at the next generation of musicians should check out Buffalo native Maya Satterwhite. Recording and performing as Maya by Name, Satterwhite released a quietly remarkable, confident debut album called She last year, and it’s a joy from beginning to end—all the more impressive given that the artist behind it is still in her early twenties. It’s a good old-fashioned album-album, in the sense that its seven songs (with a compact, filler-free twenty-five-minute run time that leaves listeners hungry for more) depict one women’s journey to empowerment, as the singer moves from chronicling failed loves and facing self-doubt to an eventual recognition and embrace of her own strengths and talents. Along the way, her voice dazzles while the instrumentation provides one surprise after another—a blistering electric guitar here, trippy percussive touches and glitchy bleeps there, before winding up with delicate spoken word. Sometimes the effect is blissfully sweet or achingly poignant, other times delightfully raunchy. (Satterwhite wrote the songs herself.)


The overall sound and message owes a lot to both Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, but the album feels less like imitation than sincere inspiration—the next generation of R&B preparing to pave new ground.


Maya By Name brings her gifts to the stage at Imagine Event Center (71 Military Road) Sunday March 2. She’ll be joined by drummer Damone Jackson, guitarist Hayden Fogle, keyboard player Jonathan Boyd, bassist Chuck Brown, and background singers Victoria Mordaunt and Alex McArthur. If the handful of performance clips on Satterwhite’s YouTube channel is any indication, her live show promises to be every bit as thrilling as the record.


Tickets to the concert can be purchased at the artist’s website, mayaofficialmusic.com.



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