Budget Crunch: Lloyd Taco

kc kratt

You may have recently seen Lloyd Taco Truck parked at Main and Mohawk in downtown Buffalo. Or maybe you saw Lloyd outside the Larkin Building. Or Bryant Woods South in Amherst. I could go on, but you get the picture. This is a mobile food-making vehicle, folks. The first taco truck to grace the streets of WNY. For people who care about a good nosh as much as I do, that’s a really big deal. And Lloyd is a really good deal, too.

On a windy day in February, I braved the chilly weather and headed down to Lloyd’s typical Friday location at Main and Mohawk (check Facebook, Twitter, or Lloyd’s website if you want to verify the truck’s location before you head out). I used the cold weather as an excuse to get a lot of food: a braised beef taco ($2.25), a tomatillo pork taco ($2.25), a tomatillo pork burrito ($5.50), and tricked-out nachos ($5.50). You can pick up cans of pop or bottles of water for a buck. Lloyd also serves chicken and stewed black bean tacos and burritos.

The braised beef taco is an artful piece of street food. A double layer of corn tortillas cradle a generous heap of perfectly seasoned beef. Covered in shredded cheese and cabbage, this taco is substantial. Light eaters will probably be quite happy with just a taco or two, but for those who like to load up at lunch (after all, it’s important to be gastronomically prepared for the arduous task of sitting in a cubicle), consider adding some tricked-out nachos. They come with homemade queso de la Lloyd, chimichurri sour cream, brined jalapeños, and pickled red onions, as well as your choice of meat or beans.

The tomatillo pork, whether nestled in a corn tortilla or burritoed in a huge flour tortilla, is also quite tasty. As my dining companion pointed out, Lloyd does a good job of spicing their food without overpowering it. Hot sauces (including that Buffalo classic, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce) are available at the counter if you prefer an extra kick.

If you are lucky enough to happen upon Lloyd, make sure you stop and try their fare. I’m sure that once you do, you too will be singing the praises of our pioneer taco truck.

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