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Most venerable brunch establishment: The Roycroft

kc kratt

A Sunday visit to the Roycroft is as much about the building as it is about the food, and how could it not be? The Arts & Crafts mecca is nearly a century old, and whether your party sits cozily by the Craftsman fireplace mid-winter, or among the blooms and birds on the wrap-around porch (known as the Peristyle) in warmer weather, brunch here is more like a vacation than a meal. The peaceful surroundings coupled with the station-style brunch buffet service (and the eat-until-you-can’t-move impulse inherent with such a set-up) have the combined effect of luxury and homeiness. Housemade desserts, a carving station, and other brunchy delights make it a destination worthy of the Sunday morning drive.

Before returning home, visitors can explore the Roycroft Campus and walk off their brunch-induced coma by strolling East Aurora’s main drag, speckled with boutiques and the always-amusing Vidler’s 5 & 10.

Design-your-own-omelet station.

Anything that helps you feel okay about enjoying copious amounts of the delicious house-smoked salmon.

Lovely, yet comfortable; jeans or dressy; kids or no kids.

The Roycroft Inn
40 South Grove St., East Aurora



Roycroft Inn on Urbanspoon

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