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Sounds of the City: Three at the Ninth Ward

Natalie Zukerman

Now that it’s in more frequent use, the basement space of Ani DiFranco’s Babeville is shaping into the perfect venue for a certain kind of show: The intimate, usually acoustic, showcase featuring one or more rising stars of what might be called the indie-folk world, though that designation can be a little misleading. This month alone you can catch the delicately crafted melodies of Natalia Zukerman and Garrison Starr on the 6th (expect both solo sets and a few harmonies), charmingly named Holly Golightly and the BrokeOffs on the 10th, and singer-songwriter John Vanderslice, perhaps the best-known of the bunch as of now, on the 11th. Conveniently enough, every one of those acts has a website URL consisting of the artist’s name followed by “dot com,” so if you desire more of a taste (and audio samples) before committing to a ticket, surf away. But it’s becoming clear that, as with the venues I named above, you can pretty much trust the programmers at the Ninth Ward to seek out and present the best acts within their chosen genre. Take a risk, follow a hunch, and see where the night leads you.

Showtimes and dates vary; 341 Delaware Ave., 852-3835, www.babevillebuffalo.com

Garrison Starr

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