May 2013

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Slipping into spring

Winter is officially over, and many of us are more than ready to dress accordingly, particularly with footwear.

Guys and Dolls director Tadeusz Bradecki in conversation

Guys and Dolls is such a quintessentially American show, from its setting to its characters to the sound of the dialogue.

Guys and Dolls, unplugged

It’s a cold, snowy February morning in twenty-firstcentury Niagara-on-the-Lake, but in this second-floor rehearsal studio about two dozen actors are warming up, preparing to transport themselves and an audience of about thirty onlookers back to the Manhattan of the 1950s.

Great plants for city gardens (and suburban ones, too)

Q: What makes a plant great for a city garden? A: A plant that suits your particular site (as with any good gardening), doesn’t give you any special trouble, makes a big statement in a garden with limited space, and won’t outgrow the location.

IN or OUT: Food Exotica

James Walkowiak, a regular contributor for Spree, enjoys eating and drinking everything categorized as “OUT” on this list. Thus continues his quest to be cool.

Exotic ingredients

Here’s a selective listings of Western New York’s Asian markets.

Revisiting the year in media

By the time you read this, I will have returned to the Buffalo News part-time to write columns, blog about the media, and complain about my cable bill.

Let There Be Light: a smart new installation at the Burchfield Penney’s Useum

The Burchfield Penney Art Center’s new home opened in November of 2008, to international critical acclaim.

Love in Bloom: Tips from our neighbors to the north

Canada Blooms, Toronto’s mammoth annual garden show (, provides a great way to check out what’s up and coming in the intersecting worlds of horticulture, landscaping, and design.

Coming next season… How artistic directors choose what to put on stage

Though most local theaters wrap up their seasons this month, announcements about 2013/14 programming have given us much to look forward to.

How I learned to stop worrying and love pinot noir

To fall in love with pinot noir is to experience wine’s highest highs and lowest lows, to seesaw between ecstatic infatuation and downright disappointment.

2013 WNY Farmers Market Guide

Over the years, Western New York has faced severe ups-and-downs, but through it all, our region’s rich soil has continued to flourish.

Farmers in the round

Choosing to support local farmers isn’t an elitist trend.

Spices, sauces, and secret recipes: Three local home cooks tell all

What’s in your larder? Which are the go-to ingredients that you find yourself reaching for again and again?

Frank Mesiah: Taking the long view

In Frank Mesiah’s eightieth year, the American people elected the first African-American president.

Backstage: Youthful Exuberance for Classical Music

As every classical music lover in Western New York already knows, our area has a long history of world-class musical performance.

Big bang effects

The colors and shapes are probably more fantastic than could be viewed through device, but they do suggest either molecular or celestial activity.

Falling in love with rodeo

Stepping on rodeo grounds for the first time is like walking straight into a country song

Hot Dog Showdown

We shouldn’t be surprised that a trend is developing to upgrade the hot dog to haute dog status.

Taisho Bistro

I really want to love Taisho Bistro.

Cheese in WNY: A surprisingly diverse inventory

Industrialization made cheese a readily available commodity nearly a century ago

A look back at the Washington Market

Stand in the middle of the M&T Bank parking lot off Washington Street in downtown Buffalo and close your eyes.

Buffalo Hash House Harriers: if you’ve got half a mind

Maybe you’ve seen a sight like this: a flush of runners— twenty, fifty, one hundred strong—jogging through city streets, suburban parks, or country trails and you thought they were just out for some exercise.

Homegrown bridal

I’ve noticed a trend in Buffalo. A growing group of individuals have formed the fashion equivalent of farmers markets.

Ambitious outings

The lusty month of May puts dark comedy and spicy romance in the spotlight.

Canadian Opera Company’s 2013 Spring Season

Toronto has long been an attractive north-of-the-border destination for Buffalonians—from high-profile concerts and Major League Baseball to the well-earned party excursion.

Good news for cocktailers and beer geeks

First a growing wine trail, then an exploding beer scene— and now Buffalo will have its first distillery since Prohibition with the opening of Eight Buffalo Spirits.

Food truck guide

With the number of WNY food trucks on the rise, we decided to add to our monthly dining guide those trucks who use social media and are currently on the road.

Don’t waste your CSA share

Consumers’ growing appetite for fresh, local, and seasonal food has helped make community supported agriculture (CSA) increasingly popular.

Sausage Purveyors in Western New York

Who doesn’t love sausage: maple-rich links at breakfast.

Artisans of food

Look for these producers at area farmers’ markets. They’re using local ingredients to create unique breads, jams, cheeses, pâté and other fresh and delicious foods.

Showing a Few More Pack Club Cards

Here's what Spree has learned about the Pack Club/Pack Corp. since the publication of the May 2013 article on the social club.

Leaders of the Pack: On the trail of Buffalo's most elusive organization

A secret club with an exclusive membership

Can Wildroot be tamed?

Mark Paradowski grew up around the corner from the Wildroot Building on Bailey Avenue, on the east side of Buffalo. Even as a child, when his family drove by the structure, he’d often say, “Someday, I want to fix up the broken windows in that old building!”

Going out with a bang

“I started going to weekly concerts of the [Cleveland] Orchestra under George Szell when the greatest [musicians] were coming through town regularly.”

Technicolor tunes

With a capacity of 450 (and a smaller stage for up-andcoming acts), the venue should pick up some of the slack from the 300-seat Mohawk’s disappearance from the local scene.

The Scho must go on

Enjoy local wines of distinction, or bowl with a judge

There’s a little bit for everyone this month, especially if you like to dress in costume and mingle with the legal and judicial community

Hot 5

After a particularly hard winter, we’re all more than ready to hit the bike trails, head to the water, and have a few good laughs.

Continuing a legacy: Selling David Anderson’s print collection

Every so often, monumental art sales have captured the attention of the Western New York public and media.

Nights on the town

Take a night to indulge with Buffalo Spree for our second “Refresh” Beauty Book launch event.

Letter from the Editor

Spring officially began in March, but for most of us, the real month of season change is May. As associate editor Julia Burke and I discuss on the back page of this issue,
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