Raise a glass to the Buffalo Anthology

Buffalo, Books & Beer presents writers from RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW: A BUFFALO ANTHOLOGY at Gene McCarthy's


The book has launched and the reviews are in. Here’s an opportunity for a relaxed, informal discussion of Right Here, Right Now: A Buffalo Anthology, now that the initial flurry of its release is over. Buffalo, Books & Beer, the literary-event-plus-suds series, has a lineup of writers from the anthology ready to meet you on May 3 at Gene McCarthy’s.


B3 has been holding four author events a year since it was founded by locally based authors Brian Castner and Matt Higgins in 2014. These are panel discussions and usually combine pairs of traveling and hometown writers. This time, given the lengthy list of contributors who appear in Buffalo Anthology, the panel discussion includes three from that list: editor Jody Biehl, former News and current Spree writer Maria Scrivani, and Emmy-winning TV producer and writer Pat Obermeier. Scrivani is the author of Brighter Buffalo, which details preservation success stories and Obermeier’s most recent title is a political satire, The President Factor. Editor Biehl directs the journalism program in the University at Buffalo’s English Department, and threw a wide net for the anthology, which also features essays by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, former Bills coach Marv Levy, Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac, novelist Lauren Belfer, 10,000 Maniacs members John Lombardo and Mary Ramsey, and many others. A few of those contributors may also be on hand at the discussion.


L-r: Maria Scrivani and Pat Obermeier



Past B3 events have taken place in similarly laidback locations: the 2015/16 series happened at Resurgence, with two spring events and two fall events; the Anthology panel is the final event of spring 2016/17. Attendees can read the books or not—it’s not necessary—and panel discussions are kept short and lively to allow for further spirited mingling afterward. “Our goal is to make book events fun and accessible to a wide audience,” says cofounder Castner. 


Castner has been gaining renown since the publication of his first book, The Long Walk; another followed and he’s working on a third now. Meet him, Higgins, and the Anthology authors May 3, 7 p.m., at Gene McCathy’s, 73 Hamburg Street. Check the B3 Facebook page for updates.       


Elizabeth Licata is editor of Spree.


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