Brunch / 100 Acres

When brunch is also a cultural destination

Photos by Stephen Gabris


​444 Forest Avenue; 955-1511 or


When you want a brunch experience that extends beyond the meal itself, opt for a trip to Hotel Henry’s 100 Acres. Before or after your meal, stroll the art gallery spaces; check out the stunning architecture, inside and out; and plan to explore the grounds or hang out on the balcony in nice weather. Make no mistake: the menu offerings are as worthy of your time as the beautiful ambiance.


Signature item:

The avocado flatbread is not your average millennial’s avocado toast. It is arguably the best openfaced breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. It’s a shapely, airy bread reminiscent of pita, topped with a hearty smear of avocado, housemade ricotta cheese, and a fried egg, dotted artistically with pickled tomatoes, fresno chili slices, and mustard seed. The combination is inventive and incredibly satisfying. It’s such a winner, it brought me back to the restaurant for brunch a second time within the month just to order the same dish. Also worth trying: the pancakes featuring blueberry, lemon, and ricotta; and the eggs Benedict when the daily preparation is crab. The pancakes are fluffy and bright, and the Benedict gets layered atop decadent housemade buttermilk biscuits instead of English muffins.


Best drink:

For a brunch beverage that’s perfectly fit for warmer weather, reach for No Hard Feelings. It evokes a refreshing spiked Southern sweet tea designed to down on a warm and lazy morning that stretches into an afternoon—you know, from your big, open porch. It is a delightfully light whiskey drink. If you normally order a mimosa or bloody Mary, give this a whirl to mix things up.


Ambiance/best for:

100 Acres is great at handling large parties and the restaurant space is family friendly. You can easily bring a crowd, and it also works well for family members young and old who like to stroll at some point during the dining experience.   


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