Brunch / Billy Club

Sophisticated food, high-end cocktails, and a quiet, casual vibe make for a great brunch blend

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228 Allen Street, 331-3047,


Known for its skilled bartenders whose service is as engaging as the cocktails they pour, Billy Club on Allen, one block before the bend and across the street from Mulligan’s Brick Bar, boasts a Sunday brunch that’s equally intoxicating.


The menu of eighteen main dishes and six add-on sides strikes all the food moods, with options for savory (amped-up avocado toast with poached eggs, bacon, tomato, cilantro, hash, and arugula); sweet (Elm Street French toast with Chantilly cream and candied almonds); simple; (biscuit sammy with Canadian bacon, scrambled egg, and cheddar); and splurge (octopus with chorizo, navy beans, arugula and lemon).


Signature item:

A standout dish and customer favorite is the short rib hash, a generous pile of high-end hangover relief that is comfort food at its finest. Tender, browned hunks of small buttery potatoes are tossed with roasted red pepper, savory soft onion, and pan-seared morsels of pulled beef short rib—like a meat tater tot whose crisp outer crust gives way to a meltingly tender inside. Two white pillows of poached egg are perched on top; when broken, the runny golden yolk sauces the mound and mixes with the subtle gravy and liberal sprinkle of scallion slivers.


Best drink:

The hash pairs nicely with the John Stamos, a blush-pink blend of Campari, orange juice, and Prosecco served on the rocks. Its tart brightness is like a traditional mimosa’s sassier sister whose bitter bubbles cut through brunch fare’s fatty meats and sauces.


Ambiance/best for:

While the morning sun gently illuminates the front half of this calm space and induces that cozy Sunday haze, the stark gray walls and hard black furniture in the back create an atmosphere that’s more austere than inviting. But the service staff—genuine, prompt, courteous, and well-versed—add plenty of welcoming warmth, making Billy Club an ideal place to wind down a weekend. With only twenty-four seats in the intimate dining room and fourteen at the bar, table reservations are recommended.


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