Brunch / Patina 250

An elegant brunch in a beautiful room

Photos by Alana Fajemisin


250 Delaware Avenue; 290-0600 or


This expansive space, with its large, welcoming bar, manages to be both comfortable and sophisticated, and its brunch is classic. Be sure to stroll around the dining area to enjoy several installations by locally based artists (they include Peter Stephens, Ani Hoover, Fotini Galanes, and Sarah Fonzi).  The Resource:Art group was brought in to consult on art choices; as a result, this is probably the best use of art by a restaurant in Western New York. Happily, the menu lives up to its surroundings.


Signature item:

Speaking of sophistication, the smoked salmon scramble provides complex flavors and a reasonably sized portion that can be enjoyed without feeling overfull or wasteful. Another favorite: avocado toast is all the rage among brunchers these days, and Patina’s is on point, with perfectly poached eggs and a thick toast slice that can stand up to the hefty portions of egg-topped avocado.


Best drink:

Cocktails feature local brands Tommyrotter’s and Niagara Distilling’s gin, as well as national brands; all are well-executed. Wine lovers should consider the Pierre Moncuit champagne by the glass (or, better yet, get a bottle). It’s very rare to find a cru champagne by the glass in Buffalo.



Ambiance/best for:

Although the venue can accommodate larger groups, this is a perfect spot for couples, threesomes, and foursomes to relax in the comfy seating by the sunlit bar area.


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