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Brunch chose me

Buffalo’s brunch maven explains that it started with a joke

Photos of Adrianne Salmon by Stephen Gabris


Adrianne Age Salmon is the creator of the Instagram photoblog @buffalobrunch, which she updates every week. The blog follows her weekend trips to different restaurants in Buffalo for brunch; she takes a picture of her meal at each location for the Instagram post.


“@buffalobrunch actually started as a joke,” Salmon says about her blog. “My ex-boyfriend and I would go to brunch every weekend and he started a Twitter account documenting our stops.” This soon led her to post the pictures on instagram. “When it really started taking off, I decided to take it a bit more seriously and turn it into something that could promote local restaurants and their brunches.” As a graduate of public relations from Syracuse University, Salmon feels that the brunch idea could start her on the way to creating and building her own brand.



“Brunch chose me,” Salmon says about choosing to blog about brunch specifically. She credits the Buffalo Instagram community—over 7,000 follow her—for helping her to get her recognition, and she is grateful for that.


As for the food Salmon posts, her all time favorite brunch spot is the Amherst Street hotspot, The Dapper Goose. “Not only is the food and beverage program stellar, they create a lively atmosphere that screams Sunday Funday, and that’s mostly what brunch is about,” Salmon explains. “It’s hard to brunch at Dapper Goose and just go home after, you keep the party going.”


Salmon has written a few articles for Step Out Buffalo, the local media company that uses its website, newsletter, and other digital means to inform Buffalonians and visitors of the best places to go for food, fun and entertainment. “When @buffalobrunch really started picking up, I decided that it would be beneficial for me to start writing articles,” Salmon says. She reached out to Step Out about writing for them about brunch, and they took her on.



In addition to her blog and other writing, Salmon bartends at both Ballyhoo and The Grange, and does freelance marketing for clients (a bigger client is Acme Cabinet Company). “My goal is to eventually merge my restaurant and marketing worlds,” Salmon says. “but for now, I’m happy promoting local businesses and working behind the pine at two of my favorite places.”


In just over three years, the Buffalo Brunch blog has posted 700 brunch images from multiple restaurants and Salmon doesn’t see it ended any time soon. “At this point, I’m so used to taking pictures of my food that I don’t think I would ever stop completely,” she says. She also plans on staying in Buffalo—for now.


“I suppose if a bigger brand that I supported wanted to hire me for a healthy salary, and it took me outside of Buffalo or traveling around the country or world, then I would expand outside of Buffalo. For the foreseeable future, though, I’ll keep it full-time Buffalo with a trip thrown in here and there!”   


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