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Spree Scoop: Tune in and get buzzed

May 18, 2018


Healthy gut and caffeinated brain: the drink you didn’t know you needed.

When the benefits of kombucha and the power of caffeine combine, the average human becomes unstoppable. The magical duo from Barrel and Brine have joined forces with Tipico Coffee to create yet another beverage that may change your life. Say hello to Cold Brucha, which is what happens when Barrel & Brine kombucha is mixed with Tipico's Coordinates Blend espresso cold brew, cacao nibs, coconut, and cinnamon. The final product is a kombucha with the mouthfeel of a nitro beer, creamy and effervescent, and a divine flavor—without the funk that characterizes kombucha. This is a drink to start any day. Run and get it before they run out. Available at Tipico Coffee and at Barrel and Brine's storefront. 




Theater news

The 2017-18 Artie nominees will be live-streamed from WBFO/WNED on Monday, May 21. Watch the excitement on WBFO's Facebook page at 11 a.m., then start lining up your Artie wear to see who wins on June 4! (And check out WBFO's new Facebook Live studio.)


On Monday, May 19, Torn Space Theater hosts the creative team of award-winning filmmaker Korey Green's The Blackness Project for a screening of the film and a panel discussion. The Blackness Project is a feature-length educational documentary about culture and race from the African-American perspective. Although inspired by conversations about The Whiteness Project, a 2014 documentary in which participants discuss race and the perceived loss of white privilege by white Americans, Green's film has a greater mission: to rewrite America's racial narrative. Screening begins at 7:00 at 612 Fillmore Avenue; tickets are $10. For more info, visit theblacknessproject.org.


Members of the Buffalo Jazz Ensemble rehearse at Delaware Park Casino in 1975. From left: Joe Ford, Sabu Adeyola, Phil DiRé, Jeremy Wahl, and Al Tinney. Photo by Lou Mainaccio.


From the archives: All that jazz

We have no reason to bring out this article from 2005 except that it is a superb history of Buffalo's jazz scene written by a man who knows the scene better than most, Phil Nyhuis. Read it and go see/listen to some jazz, which, lucky us, is still strong in Buffalo: http://www.buffalospree.com/buffalospreemagazine/archives/2005_0506/


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