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Kickshaw / Beet Salad

From The Terrace at Delaware Park

This salad relies on fresh ingredients married in suprising–and delicious–combinations.

Photo by Eric Frick


The Terrace at Delaware Park

199 Lincoln Pkwy.

terracebuffalo.com, 886-0089


Bruce wieszala, chef of this restaurant occupying the upper level of the Marcy Casino on Hoyt Lake, says his eye-catching beet salad started with a rule common to restaurant kitchens: don’t waste ingredients.


“I had a pickle plate on the menu that wasn’t selling very well, so I had a bunch of pickled beets to use up,” Wieszala says. As long as he has beets and some fresh greens and herbs, this salad can be added to the day’s specials. He makes the creamy ricotta in house and sprinkles on crushed pistachios for a nutty finishing touch. The salad features red and yellow beets, and beet ribbons, which he compares
to homemade fruit roll-ups.


With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors artfully distributed across the plate, the otherwise straighforward elements of vegetables, herbs, and greens create pop after pop of color.


Although Wieszala says he focuses more on ingredients and flavors over presentation, when asked how customers respond to such a bright and visual dish, he has to admit, “They love it. It’s got that wow factor.”



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