Cheap Eats 2012: Barbecue

Kentucky Greg's Chicken and Sausage Gumbo is a favorite

kc kratt


Kentucky Greg’s Barbecue Pit - Chicken and Sausage Gumbo ($6.50/pint)

If I’m getting off work on a wintry night and lack the resolve to fight the five o’clock grocery mob, then there’s a good chance I’m swinging by Kentucky Greg’s Hickory Pit to pick up a quart of Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Although Greg does barbeque and does it well, “N’awlins” purists might be inclined to snub their noses at a barbecue man’s interpretation of the classic Cajun stew. To the purists, I say: you don’t know what you’re missing. Greg’s gumbo is delicious, deep mahogany in color, rich with baked flour, and loaded with Andouille and chicken. Accompanied by a hefty scoop of rice, it’s a meal unto its own, ideal for a Sabres game night, when you want something quick, warming, and substantial before hopping the Metro downtown. The quart portion is so substantial, in fact, that you will have leftovers. Frankly, I can’t think of a better post-game antidote to an evening spent drinking arena beers than a bowl of midnight gumbo.—James Walkowiak

Kentucky Greg’s, 2186 George Urban Blvd., Depew, 716-685-6599.

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Suzy Q’s - Smoked Polish Sausage  ($10)

Many smoker selections and sides on the Suzy Q’s menu receive recurring recommendations, in print and among friends, and they’re all very deserving. Let us speak now of a loved but lesser-known entrée, the Polish sausage. To some minds, the question must be whether sausage really benefits from the authentic barbecue experience. The answer is that sausage gets just the same kind of kick from low heat and real wood smoke: a firm, lightly caramelized outside, a juicier inside than you’ll get from grilling, and a stronger, now-this-is-real-meat kind of flavor. Those who choose the sausage over the hard-to-ignore standards will tell you (on Yelp or over beers) that it is “the star of the show,” that “this stuff is gold,” and that it’s their only pick if they’re going with a full one-meat platter. And for less than $10 for a very substantial meal that took its time, it’s hardly a risk.—Kevin Purdy

Suzy Q’s, 2829 Niagara St., Buffalo, 716-873-0757

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Billamy's BBQ - Blackened Chicken Sandwich ($10)

Bill and Amy (get it?) Wesolowski opened up Billamy’s on Hertel Avenue near Commonwealth during the summer of 2012. Thus a longtime dream of the couple was fulfilled—and lifelong griller Bill now shares his skills with the rest of the barbecue-loving population. The Blackened Chicken Sandwich can include a side of mac and cheese for an additional $1.75. It’s rubbed with a house-made blend of spices with a mere whisper of heat and a sprinkle of sugar. Frank’s is the house hot sauce, and you may wish to grab it to pep things up. The small portion of chicken is served on a hamburger bun with lettuce and tomato. The mac and cheese is a 1:3 ratio of pasta to cheese, Amy reveals, and includes a luscious mixture of three cheeses. It’s divine. Other sides include the very tender collard greens with diced bacon, potato salad with chunks of vegetables and truffle oil drizzles (somewhat lost in the mix), creamy cole slaw with chipotle, and baked beans prepared with a pinch of cinnamon.—Nancy J. Parisi

Billamy’s BBQ, 1260 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, 716-939-2966

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Other wallet-friendly options in this cateogory: BW's Barbecue, One-Eyed Jack's, Smoke on the Water, The Whole Hog




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