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Cheap Eats with Buffalo Bloggers: BuffaloFoodie.com

Spree's own Nina Barone runs BuffaloFoodie.com. Her penchant for pizza takes her to Romeo & Juliet's

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Top 5 Picks for Favorite Cheap Eats

1. 99 Fast Food

2. India Gate

3. Romeo & Juliet's

4. Elm Street Bakery

5. Niagara Cafe

Nina Barone, a Spree food writer, embraces her inner foodie and chronicles her food adventures in a personal blog that honors her family’s history while simultaneously exploring new frontiers in and beyond her kitchen. Nina says, “I love baking, cooking, trying new recipes, and getting others interested in all things food, which evolved into chronicling my creations in the kitchen via buffalofoodie.com. I wanted to share recipes and tips with family and friends around the globe, help people who may be intimidated feel more comfortable trying something new. I also relate my food adventures so people can be in the know on the area’s exciting food scene and I can encourage exploring those experiences firsthand.” And explore she does—Barone most often dines in the city, but notes that, “I will go great distances for great food, and I love that you can find gems in every neighborhood. We’re fortunate to have variety on our side in WNY, with many reasonable options to please an array of palates.”





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