Cheap Eats with Buffalo Bloggers:

Annie Levay-Krause, owner of the blog Land of Pea Pod Riot, enjoys local bakery, B. Ferrante's on Grant Street

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Top 5 Picks for Favorite Cheap Eats

1. B. Ferrante's Italian Bakery

2. Niagara Seafood and Restaurant

3. Lagniappe's

4. Morning Glory Cafe

5. Santasiero's Italian Restaurant

The Land of Pea Pod Riot is the blogging home of Annie Levay-Krause, a food writer and founder of SOLE of Buffalo (Seasonal, Organic, Local, and Ethical food resources and information). Levay-Krause leads workshops on cooking, baking, organic gardening, seed saving, and preserving. She explains that she blogs because she “believes you can eat globally flavored foods while staying regional and that you can make simple what often seems complicated.” And those local choices extend to her top picks for cheap eateries in WNY. Levay-Krause says that the best thing about our region’s cheap eats selections is their diversity, noting, “No matter where you go, there is always a unique food truck, shack, dive, greasy spoon, specialty shop, or restaurant ready to serve good food for next to nothing. From pulled pork to falafel to tacos, this region is queen of the cheap and tasty!”





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