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Buffalo in the news

Pizza slice photo by kc kratt


We just call them wings, but to the rest of the world they will always be “Buffalo wings.” We’re also finding that there is a Buffalo style of gardening and, as recently announced in USA Today (on September 22), a Buffalo style of pizza. Though Bocce Club was chosen as the most “Buffalo” of the local pizza styles, we can think of a few other local places that would fit the description of “sort of a thinner version of New York’s thick Sicilian. The base is hefty enough to be considered thick crust, but not nearly as heavy or bready.”


Congratulations, Bocce Club!


 screen shot of The Tonight Show


Another Buffalo-associated food item got a big shout-out recently on The Tonight Show when Mario Batali described beef on ’weck to host Jimmy Fallon and—lo and behold—the sandwich magically appeared. It was locally sourced.


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