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Buff State’s exchange program provides ancient backdrops for vintage looks

Photos by Christian Brogi


Amid the sprawling hills of Tuscany, between Florence and Rome, sits the medieval city of Siena.  This ancient walled enclave is home to one of the oldest study abroad programs in the SUNY system. For more than fifty-five years, Buffalo State College’s Siena Program has been offering students the opportunity to spend a semester here.  I had the opportunity to participate in this program sixteen years ago as a student in the college’s Fashion and Textile Technology Program. It was an experience I will never forget; I made lifelong friends and fell in love with the people, the culture, and Italian fashion.


Fast-forward to this fall 2017, when I had the opportunity to take a group of nineteen of my students to study fashion in Siena. We became completely immersed in Italian culture, including trips to Milan where we experienced Milan Fashion Week behind the scenes. Working alongside my former Italian professors, I taught classes in History of Fashion and Workshop in Styling.


Below, I’m sharing the results of my students’ hard work in Siena. They dreamed up these beautiful images with the help of Italian photographer Christian Brogi, who has shot for Italian Vogue and National Geographic. The vintage fashion is courtesy of Siena boutique, Aloe & Wolf.


These first images were shot in Siena and at Fontebranda, a thirteenth century fountain cited by Dante in his Inferno.






Photographer: Christian Brogi
Director: Erin Habes
Assistant: Barbara Latini
Model: Lila Jones
Stylists: JaLisa Conyers, Jada Washington, Shayla Pratt, and Keith White
Hair: JaLisa Conyers
MUA: Sisters Parrucchieri, Alessandra & Francesca
Wardrobe: Aloe & Wolf Vintage and ANNARLETTE



The following images were shot at the Duomo di Siena.


Tank, skirt and velvet coat, Aloe & Wolf Vintage; shoes, model’s own


Blouse, Aloe & Wolf Vintage; red leather skirt and green boots, stylist’s own


Location: Duomo di Siena
Photographer: Christian Brogi
Director: Erin Habes
Assistant: Barbara Latini
Model: Claudia Palladino
Stylists: Bethany Cercone, Emily Guzek, Morgan Rozek, Matine Uwangabe and John Wesh
Hair & Makeup: Sisters Parrucchieri, Alessandra & Francesca
Wardrobe: Aloe & Wolf Vintage



These images were shot at Siena’s Liceo Artistico Statale Duccio di Buoninsegna.



Button up, Aloe & Wolf Vintage; black skirt and belt, Naquasia Boyd


Dress, stylist’s own, altered by Shawndra Renee; hat, Velette Sospette Hat Couture


Location: Liceo Artistico Statale Duccio di Buoninsegna, Siena, Italy 
Photographer: Christian Brogi
Director: Erin Habes
Assistant: Barbara Latini
Model: Caterina Rosi
​Stylists: Naquasia Boyd, Ricardo J. Nazario and Shawndra Renee
Hair and makeup: Sisters Parrucchieri, Alessandra, and Francesca
Wardrobe: Aloe & Wolf Vintage, Naquasia Boyd and Shawndra Renee
Hat: Velette Sospette Hat Couture
Vintage shoes: model’s own



These final shots were taken in the ancient Piazza Del Campo.


Silk button-up, houndstooth pencil skirt, clear plastic cape, gloves, Aloe & Wolf Vintage; shoes, model’s own



Faux fur coat, plaid pleated skirt, and eyewear from Aloe & Wolf Vintage; shoes, model’s own



Ruffle button-up, tweed shorts, and Burberry purse, Aloe & Wolf Vintage


Location: Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy
Photographer: Christian Brogi
Director: Erin Habes
Assistant: Barbara Latini​
Model: Federica Bordoni
Stylists: Angelina Walker, Erika Van Horn, Aretha Labelle and Briana Givens
Hair and Makeup: Sisters Parrucchieri: Alessandra and Francesca
Wardrobe: Aloe & Wolf Vintage



Watch for more of Erin Habes' fashion shoots in upcoming Buffalo Spree magazines.


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