Recipe Index

Name Category Cuisine
Plum Tomato Coulis (From Cool Foods For The Summer Months, 7-8/02) sauces vegetarian
Homemade Yogurt (From It's Alive!, 11/06) sauces dairy
Tomato Coulis (From a History of Tomatoes, 9/08) sauces tomatoes
5 Herb Pesto (From Cooking with Herbs and Spices, 3-4/02) sauces vegetarian
Texas Hot Sauce (From Texas Hots, 4/07) sauces Buffalo food
Tomato, Cucumber, and Feta Salad salads vegetarian
Classic Cobb Salad (from On Cooking for a Living/Recipes That Won't Heat Up Your Kitchen, 7-8/04) salads cold
Fattoush (Toasted Bread Salad) salads vegetarian
Marinated Shrimp, Tomato, and Bocconcini Salad (From a History of Tomatoes, 9/08) salads fish
Tabouleh (Bulgur Wheat, Parsley, and Mint Salad) salads vegetarian
Roast Potato, Green Bean, and Fresh Herb Salad (From Cooking with Herbs and Spices, 3-4/02) salads vegetarian
Simple Madras-Style Curry Powder (From Cooking with Herbs and Spices, 3-4/02) ingredients vegetarian
Sirio Maccione's Spaghetti Primavera (From Pasta Primavera, 3/07) entrees pasta
Grilled Lamb Chops with Currents and Minted Port Wine Reduction (From Culinary Architecture: Building Flavor, 7-8/06) entrees lamb
Pizza Crudo (From Backyard Pizza and Other Flatbreads, 7-8/09) entrees pizza
Broccoli and Bean Curd with Ginger, Garlic, and Hot Peppers (From Onions and Garlic: Healthy Cousins 7-8/05) entrees vegetarian
Ocean Perch a la Meuniere (From How to Buy and Cook Fish, 3-4/01) entrees fish
Grilled Pizza Marguerite (From The Simple Art of Grilling, 7-8/00) entrees vegetarian
Aromatic Chicken and Rice (From Fragrant Cinnamon, 1-2/07) entrees chicken
Turkey and Portabello Mushroom Burgers entrees turkey