Recipe Index

Name Category Cuisine
Kuchen (German-Style Coffee Cake) (From Slow Food, 11-12/03) baked goods
French Onion Soup (From Soup for the Cold Months, 1-2/05) soup
Asparagus And Potato Pancakes (From Everything Asparagus, 3/06) side dishes
Tapenade (From The Art of Party Planning, 9-10/00) appetizers
Strawberry and Black Pepper Tart (From Cooking with Pepper, 12/16) Dessert
Borscht with Meat (From Slow Food, 11-12/03) soup
Balsamic Syrup sauces
Rustic Bread (From The Rustic Loaf, 1-2/01) baked goods
Potato Bisque with Wheat Beer and Gruyere Cheese (From Stores for Cooks, 5-6/02) soup
Strawberries Romanoff Dessert
Rich Soup Stock (From Soup, Stock, and Broth, 11-12/01) soup
Spinach with Peanuts (From Eating Low , 5-6/03) side dishes vegetarian
Salsa Cruda (From The Art of Party Planning, 9-10/00) sauces vegetarian
Plum Tomato Coulis (From Cool Foods For The Summer Months, 7-8/02) sauces vegetarian
Ratatouille (From All About Basil, 7-8/03 sauces vegetarian
Marinated Eggplant (From Memorable Meals, 10/03) side dishes vegetarian
Tabouleh (Bulgur Wheat, Parsley, and Mint Salad) salads vegetarian
Green Beans With Onions, Tomatoes And Mint (From Eating Low , 5-6/03) side dishes vegetarian
White Bean and Basil Gazpacho (from On Cooking for a Living/Recipes That Won't Heat Up Your Kitchen, 7-8/04) soup vegetarian
Basil Pesto (From All About Basil, 7-8/03) sauces vegetarian