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1264 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo; 877-1264 or newjewelofindia.com
 Kulber Singh and Sumandeep Kaur
Cuisine: Indian
In business since: 2015


Kulbir Singh came to Buffalo from Punjab, in northern India, to help his brother with his Indian restaurant, the former Star of India in Kenmore. Other opportunities presented themselves in Las Vegas and California, so he worked in the Indian restaurant business there for a time before returning to the Queen City. Together with his wife, Sumandeep Kaur, he now owns The New Jewel of India. They agree that the food they serve is best described as “Indian Home Cooking.”



How would you say Indian food has grown in Western New York?

KS: When I first came here in 1991, Niagara Falls and Buffalo had only about two restaurants each. Now there are about nineteen in Niagara Falls, and about eleven or twelve in Buffalo. 


How would you describe the mission of your restaurant?

KS: To let everyone know about Indian food. The best way to know Indian food is to taste Indian food.


What is your personal favorite Indian Food?

KS: Chicken Curry.

SK: I am a vegetarian. My favorite is Saag Paneer. I make it all the time in my home.


Are the recipes that you make at home the same recipes that you make in the restaurant?

SK and KS: Yes.


It’s not Americanized in any way?

SK: No. I like the food from home.


KS: We don’t go buy it at the store, everything is freshmade. The raita we make here. The plain yogurt we make here. The cheese for the saag paneer, we make here. The samosas and the aloo tiki, I make it here.


What food best represents your vision of the restaurant or of Indian cuisine?   

KS: Most people get the chicken makhani here, but, in India, it is the chicken tandoori.


Gabe DiMaio blogs at guysandfood.com.


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