​Buffalo Spree magazine’s eleventh annual Best Of list covers dining, theater, visual art, music, politics, sports, media, shopping, services, natural beauty, and more. As always, we have used a combination of public poll and expert panels to arrive at the final winners. We have high expectations for our list and need to make sure that the recipients are truly deserving—not just winners of a popularity contest. We hope you agree; we also hope we’ve added to your 2016 “to-do” roster.













The descriptions of winners were written by Spree’s freelance writers and panelists, as follows: Bruce Adams, Jeff Biesinger, Donnie Burtless, Ess Eastmer, Ron Ehmke, Jana Eisenberg, Nick Guy, Donna Hoke, Elizabeth Licata, Nancy J. Parisi,  Christopher Schobert, Lizz Schumer, Allie Suriani, and Wendy Guild Swearingen.


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