Buffalo Spree’s Top Doctors in WNY




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Buffalo Spree’s 2019 Top Doctors list is researched, rigorously screened, and provided by PRS / Professional Research Services, a nationally known research company based in Troy, Michigan.

The professionals listed herein were selected solely by their peers in a survey conducted by Professional Research Services. The professionals in this list include MDs and DOs only and were all screened and selected through the verification of licensing and review of any infractions through various applicable boards, and agencies. ( For further information on this screening, visit prscom.com or email PRS at spinkhasova@hour-media.com)

PRS’s research for the Top Doctors list is based on an online peer-review survey sent out to certified doctors within Erie and Niagara Counties. The doctors were contacted by letter, postcard, and/or email, asking them to log onto the PRS voting site and cast their votes. Hundreds of responses were received. Each doctor was able to log on to the site and vote for doctors within the seventy-four specialties included. Inclusion in Buffalo Spree magazine’s Top Doctors is based solely upon peer-selection.

The doctors with the highest number of votes within each of the specialties were then fact-checked further with the state of New York, as well as with their individual practices. The final list is then published as you see it in the following pages.


Doctors do not and cannot pay to be selected and/or profiled by Professional Research Services

For further information visit prscom.com or email PRS at spinkhasova@hour-media.com.


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