Day Tripping
For a weekend, or just a day, you don’t have to go far to experience a relaxing, even exotic, summer getaway. Spree writers tell you about their favorite short-term vacations.

By Derek Smith, Dolah Saleh, Darwin McPherson, Gwen Mysiak, Kathryn Radeff, Larry Levite, and Barbara Macks

Summer Festivals
A rich array of arts, cultural, regional, and food-related festivals abound throughout Western New York every summer. An annotated menu, plus a sampling of what the Rochester area has to offer.
By Deanne Bartha and Mike Ward

Shopping al Fresco
It’s summer and we want to be outside—even for shopping. Some of the area’s best farmer and flea markets.
By Nancy J. Parisi

Niagara Falls:
What Happened?

Can this city be saved? The problems of Niagara Falls, U.S., and some current solutions.
By Don Glynn

Best of Western New York
The readers of Spree have spoken.

Gay in Buffalo
An historical perspective.

By Anthony Chase
Literature: An Interview
with Leslie Fiedler

By Edmund Cardoni
Music: The Blues
By Robert Boardman
Architecture: John H. Coxhead
By Nancy Blumenstalk Mingus
Visual Art: Summer Shows
By Elizabeth Licata

The Great Indoors:
An Ellicottville Getaway
Photographed by Jim Bush
Nature: The Garden Walk
By Linda Levine
Gardening: Natural Born Killers
By Susan and Wayne Johnson
Consumer Affairs: It May Be True—
You Get What You Pay For
By Dolah Saleh
Recreation: Team Williamsville:
A Horseracing Diary

By Harlan Abbey
Recreation: Great Lakes Sailing
By Susan Johnson
Personal Currency:
Summer’s Here—Start Packing
By Bruce Eaton
The Spree Health Makeover
By Christina Bolich
Real Estate: A Surge in
Second Home Buying

By Shannon Keck
Restaurant Review:
On the Waterfront

By Ann Blask
Chef’s Best: Fat Bob’s Smokehouse
and Curly’s Bar and Grill

Photographed by Jim Bush
Cooking 101:
The Simple Art of Grilling

By Joe George
Wine: Cool and Casual
By Bernard Ledermann
Second Helpings: The Continuing
Adventures of Three Foodies

By Tracy J. Marshall, Vicki G. Marshall,
and Margaret M. Toohey

Buffalo’s Historic Neighborhoods:
Hamlin Park
By Mark Goldman

On the cover: Model Angela Conrad.
Photo: Jim Bush.
Sailboat in glasses: Tara.
Photo: Jim Tepas.