No Passport Needed
International cuisines mix and mingle with delicious results in Western New York restaurants.
By Susan Johnson
Exotic Ingredients: A Pleasurable Hunt
Whatever it is, you can probably find it in one of these specialty shops.
By Nancy J. Parisi
Personal Chefs
If you really don’t have time to cook, a 19th century tradition becomes a 21st century convenience.
By Art Page
Ontario Wine Country
The glories of the ever-growing
Southern Ontario viticultural region.
By Bernard Ledermann

The New Arts Season
Theater, art, music, and dance:
A new season of stellar cultural offerings.
By Jillian Filipowicz

Profile of a Marketing Master:
Michael Mathews

Through his Scene and Herd productions, Mathews makes his mark on WNY.
By Carrie Fascia

Those Who Can, Teach
Buffalo Public School teachers talk about the trials and tribulations—and why it’s all worthwhile.
By Anna Geronimo Hausmann

They Didn’t Build It. And Nobody Came
A look at some development
no-shows over the past ten years.
By Elizabeth Licata

Marketing Irony
An independent book seller’s tongue-in-cheek answer to Western New York’s stalled economy.
By Ted Pelton

Art Across Borders; Fish Fights
By Elizabeth Licata

Visual Art: The Art Doctors
By Linda Levine
The Restoration of Rudolph Rey
By Anthony Chase
Music: Sound Alternatives
By Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffman
Theater: The Living Room Project
By Darwin McPherson
Art Preview:
Those Eccentric Architects
By Elizabeth Licata

The Great Indoors:
It’s All in the Details

Photographed by Jessica Kourkounis
Text by Elizabeth Licata
The Great Indoors:
Buffalo Makes Its HGTV Debut
Photographed by Jessica Kourkounis;
Text by Carrie Fascia
Travel: Pampering the Soul
at Muskoka Lake
By Elizabeth Licata
Collecting: Long Live the King
By Glenn Gramigna
Health: Closing In on Cancer
By Kathryn Radeff
The Worst Part is the Waiting
By Paul Chimera
Personal Currency: Food Sense
By Bruce Eaton
Chef’s Best: Five Great Moments
By Ann Blask
Cooking 101: Heat, Desire, Chaos
By Joe George
Foodies: A Foodies Vacation
By Vicki Marshall and Margaret Toohey

On the cover: Chef Mike Andrzejewski created
this appetizer. Its colors and flavors express the essence of the harvest season, with the rich savory flavor of the shrimp, the hot spice of the herbs,
and the sweetness of the corn, reflected in a pool of herb olive oil.
© Jim Bush