Essential Gear
Fabrics and strategies that will keep you warm and stylish this winter
Photographed by Jim Bush
Snow: We Know It; We Love It
As much as we complain, deep down inside, we’re proud of our familiarity with winter’s worst.
By Carrie Fascia
An Ice Hotel
This has got to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities: sleeping in a temporary ice hotel.
Not your average B & B.
By Carrie Fascia
Seven Ways to Wallop Winter
Some practical and not-so-practical
solutions to the winter doldrums.
By Paul Chimera
Exotic Escapes
Far-flung adventures in wondrous locales.
By Ann Blask

The Holiday Party Guide
Make it easy on yourself—it is possible to have fun at your own party.
By Juliana Jacoby

Made in Western New York
A starter guide to finding unique items made by
our own companies, artists, and craftspeople.
By Bob Davis

The Foundations of Our Community
How Western New Yorkers
can invest in their own community.
By Lisa Kane

Monica Wilson: Profile of a News Director
When it hit, she was ready—
WBEN’s homegrown news exec.
By Glenn Gramigna

No More Business as Usual
Like everyone else in the country, Western New Yorkers must cope with the aftermath of Sept. 11.
By Anna Geronimo Hausmann

The Rewards of Volunteering
With so much in life out of our personal control, there are still many ways we can impact our communities for the better.
By Elizabeth Licata

The Colors of Western New York;
Czolgosz Trial Reenactment.
By Elizabeth Licata

Visual Art: Celebrity Artists
By Carrie Fascia
Theater: MusicalFare
By Anthony Chase
Music: Inward Bound
By Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffman
Art Preview: Artful Insects
By Elizabeth Licata

The Great Indoors:
Eclectic Elegance in Elmwood Village.
Photographed by Jim Bush;
Text by Elizabeth Licata
Lifestyles: Secrets of the Saturn Club
Photographed by Jim Bush;
Text by Elizabeth Licata
Gardening: A Winter Greenhouse
By Susan and Wayne Johnson
Health: Beating SAD
By Kathryn Radeff
Health: Spree Makeover
By Carrie Fascia
Personal Currency:
Standing the Heat
By Bruce Eaton
Chef’s Best: Dining in Ski Country
By Ann Blask
Cooking 101:
Soup, Stock, and Broth
By Joe George
Wine: Festive Selections
By Bernard Ledermann
Foodies: What Makes a Foodie
By Vicki Marshall and Margaret Toohey

Cover photography: © Jim Bush