Love and Marriage
Special Section

Say I Do Wedding Drive Thru
(and other eccentric options)

An explorations of the Vegas
wedding and all that goes with it.
Story & photographs by Nancy J. Parisi.
I Do, I Do, I Did
Of course it’s great the second time
around, but there are strategies for
making sure it stays that way.
By Bob Davis
Pre-Wedding Makeovers
and Beauty Treatments

Spas and salon provide a galaxy of options— it’s not just about hair and make-up anymore.
By Elizabeth Licata
Don’t Have a Boring Banquet
There’s life beyond chicken— great alternatives to reception
By Julianna Jacoby-Patronski
The Problem of Power
Spree’s new relationship column
explores the power dynamics of the two-profession household.
By Julianna Jacoby-Patronski

Buffalo’s Other Medical Campus: The Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted Center
Almost 100 years old, this
Buffaloinstitution (formerly
the Blind Association) is revving up its offerings.
By Elizabeth Licata
Skiing’s New Frontiers
Life on the slopes has changed a lot with the advent of boards, bikes, shaped skis, and other new technologies.
By Susan and Wayne Johnson
Casino Dreams, Casino Realities
An exploration of what’s happened in Detroit and Milwaukee, two cities with new casinos and important similarities to WNY.
By Anna Geronimo Hausmann

Time for Icewine; Olmsted
WinterFest; Cause for Celebration.

By Elizabeth Licata

Visual Art: Fusion Art.
By Linda Levine
Theater: Show Business
and Big Business.
By Darwin McPherson
Literature: a year to read
By Elizabeth Licata
Art Preview: A Fascination
with Lighthouses.

By Elizabeth Licata

The Great Indoors:A Magnificent
Renovation in Allentown.

Photographed by Jim Bush;
Text by Elizabeth Licata
A Unique Garden Destination.

By Susan and Wayne Johnson
Health: Smile of a Lifetime.
By Kathryn Radeff
Health: Kevin Guesthouse.
By Elizabeth Licata
Personal Currency: Where Do We Go from Here?
By Bruce Eaton
Chef’s Best: Cocktail Time.
By Ann Blask
Cooking 101: Pasta.
By Joe George
Wine: The Wedding Bar.
By Bernard Ledermann
Foodies: the Fish Files.
By Vicki Marshall, Margaret Toohey,
and Tim Toohey

On the cover: Models Lisa Christie
and Clive McLean.
© Jim Bush.