Fall Arts Preview
Spree explores the upcoming visual art, theater, dance, and music seasons, including descriptions of the most prominent events, performances, and exhibitions. (The separate Spree Performing Arts Guide—available only to subscribers—has the complete theater, music and dance seasons.)
By Katharine Clark
The Curious Discovery of Minnie Pinnikin
The Albright-Knox’s upcoming Modigliani exhibition has many fascinating aspects, including the unearthing of a long-lost manuscript by the artist’s mistress which sheds great light on Modigliani’s career.
By Katharine Clark
Talking to JoAnn Falletta
Falletta explains why she feels this season most powerfully expresses her vision and hopes for the BPO.

A series of profiles of interesting personalities from the Western New York culinary scene, including bakers, restaurateurs, chefs, manufacturers, and more.
By Donna Evans, Joe George, Gwen Ito, Reine Hauser, Julianna Jacoby, Elizabeth Licata, and Arthur Page

Spree writers and columnists talk to others and speculate themselves on what caused and what might solve Buffalo’s current well-publicized problems.
By Bruce Eaton, Donna Evans,
Anna Geronimo Hausmann, Darwin
McPherson, and Louis Petrucci

Fall in Western New York:
Oktoberfests and Day of the
Dead Festivals
By Katharine Clark and Jeannine Pitas

The Burchfield Collectors
By Elizabeth Licata
Studio Arena Theater School at 75
By Susan Johnson
Jazz in the Kitchen
By Bruce Eaton
Real Characters
By Glenn Gramigna
Art Preview: Charles Clough
By Elizabeth Licata

The Great Outdoors:
Cherish the Garden

Photos by Jim Bush; Story by Elizabeth Licata
Secrets of Allentown
By Elizabeth Licata
Travel: Fall Weekends
By Gerald Bartell, Donna Evans,
and Arthur Page
Dance Yourself to Better Health
By Katherine Radeff
Relationships: Love of a Lifetime
By Dolah Saleh
Learning Centers to the Rescue

By Donna Evans

Chef’s Best: What’s New?
By Ann Blask
Wine: Bordeaux is Back
By Mark Criden
The Continuing Adventures
of the Foodies
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey