Autumn Rhythms
True, we’ve lost our local jazz festivals but venues all over WNY have exciting offerings in store.

By Phil Nyhuis
Music to My Ears
UB and Kleinhans provide a joint motherlode of classical treasure.
By Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffman
Buffalo’s Adventurous Stages
Smaller Buffalo stages are willing to step out a limb.
By Anthony Chase
Change is Good
They’re moving, they’re grooving—Buffalo’s museums and galleries are the place to be in 2003-2004.
By Elizabeth Licata
Consider the Alternatives
Then there’s all the rest: independent films, comedy acts, one-person shows. Think outside the box.
By Ron Ehmke

Eight artists and programmers who
contribute ingredients to the glorious stew that is WNY culture.
By Bob Davis, Glenn Gramigna, Anna Geronimo Hausmann, Elizabeth Licata, Darwin McPherson, Elizabeth Palmieri, and Melissa Sandor

PED asks participants to tour the Tonawandas on a bike, while If Everyone Read the Same Book invites community discussion.
By Melissa Sandor and
Elizabeth Palmieri

Buffalo bustles in September: what’s coming up & some of what happened
By Elizabeth Licata and Lisa Lombardi

Great Indoors:
Elegance at Gates Circle

By Barry Muskat
Gardening: September to-dos
By Dave Davis
Community: The Ronald
McDonald House

By Michelle Samson
Style: First Impressions
By Debbie Leaper
Personal Currency:
The Luckof the Moron

By Bruce Eaton
Mental Health:
The Road to Somewhere
By Dolah Saleh

Chef’s Best: Nightclubbing
By Ann Blask
Kitchen Stories: Opening Night
By Joseph George
Wine: Finger Lakes Round-up
By Mark Criden
Foodies: Getting to Know Sushi
By Vickie G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey