Living with E.B. Green
An insider’s tour of three E.B. Green-built single family residences in Buffalo, including the history of each house and how the current owners have adapted these splendid homes to suit their needs.
By Barry Muskat
A Righteous Restoration
The process of transforming an historic church into an arts destination.

By Philip Nyhuis
Remembrance of Things Past
How to turn old photos into home decor.
By Melissa Sandor
Top Ten Homes
These sold for the most in 2003.
Researched by Katie Schlientz
At Home with the Spears
Fresh from the suburbs, a family falls in love with their Parkside fixer-upper.
By Gwen Ito
Wrecking Ball Blues
More historic properties are slated for demolition.
By Phil Nyhuis
Feng shui for the
Modern-Day Cubicle

Can small changes—for small
change—make a happier, more
productive workspace?

By Ron Ehmke

Regionalism, Defined
The fearless Spree team makes a valiant attempt to explain the varying concepts of regionalism—and how they could affect Western New York.
By Anna Geronimo Hausmann and
Elizabeth Licata

Hot yoga, cool icewine, Gilda,
ghosts, Barbies, and more
By Fred Bacher, Nancy Cardillo,
Mark Criden, Ron Ehmke, Glenn Gramigna,
and Catherine Young

Spree’s political correspondent interprets, imagines, and
reinvents the news arts

Previews: Spring art, Egypt at the
ROM, Eton Choir

By Elizabeth Licata
Music: Leah Zicari
By Ron Ehmke
Art Review: Edward Burtynsky
at the AGO
By Bruce Adams
Theater: Renewing Wright
By Anthony Chase
By Ron Ehmke

Travel: Boutiquing it in Manhattan
By Jerry Bartell
Style: Bespoke elegance
Story and photos by Nancy J. Parisi
Style: Gardening
By Dave Davis
Personal Currency:
Learning to cheat
By Bruce Eaton

Restaurant reviews: Terrific takeout
By Reine Hauser
Wine: Wine buying made simple
By Mark Criden
Kitchen Stories: Cooking at home
By Joe George
Foodies: Breakfast all day
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey

Plus wine ratings, all about
the knife, food profile & more